Online Freelance Writing Jobs: A Guide on How to Get Them

Leave struggling for online freelance writing jobs alone. You can have them scrambling for you instead. Yes that happens. This is your guide there.

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

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Apart from the lists of where to get jobs and the likes that you’ll find here…

…you will be enjoying access to little-known, cash-commanding tips and tricks that the big earners use. Especially if you have academic or other commitments on the side. Extra commitments can be pretty advantageous… you’ll find out why as we go.

A Few Things You May Want to Know About Writing for Pay…

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

First how will knowing these information I’m about sharing with you benefit you?

Good question.

Generally those who have a grasp of the industry make more money. Those who don’t have a grasp of it don’t make money – at least not as much as the people who know the in, the out, the facts and the figures. All the guys who earn the six to seven figures know these things and use them to their advantage, while the rest wallow in ignorance.

Poverty is the highest expression of ignorance.

Here’re some quick facts to get you off to a good start.

1. This Industry is on the Rise!

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

The United Sates Bureau of Labor Statistics said that there were 41, 410 employed writers in the USA as at the year 2000. That figure ballooned by over 300% in just 6 years! That’s 50% growth yearly. By the year 2006 there were 135,246 writers in the USA.

Well, as you might have guessed – the advent of the internet sparked the fire and boom of online freelance writing jobs.

As is now, the US Department of Labor says that between 2006 and 2016 writing would be at a 10% growth rate – that’s been said to be overly conservative considering the volume of jobs that get done on sites such as oDesk, Freelancer and Elance.

A general statistic showed that writers earn over $55,000 US Dollars yearly – that’s significantly MORE than an average American earns a year. And statistically speaking – although not in reality, at least, as far as freelance writing is concerned – having a bachelor’s degree. A huge number of people have succeed without ever being to college. A university degree isn’t that necessary… although it can be advantageous.

2. You Hold the Reins of Success in Your Hands… and Only in Your Hands.

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

Facts and figures reveal that, unlike other occupations, you need NO prior work experience to get started was a writer – as shown by facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jon Morrow pointed out that his students have not experienced rejection when pitching to write for authority sites based on their history or background – so it’s all based on current and immediate value that you can offer. So you can relax and focus on today’s possibilities, not yesterday’s failures.

What this means for you is that if you have solid value, no one cares where you’ve been or who’ve been. So jobs don’t necessarily come carrying the added burden of employers having to snoop on you via your social media accounts and the other unpleasant things.

3. You Need a Website/Blog – no Matter What You Do.

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

And nope! Using free platforms like or won’t work!

This is one of those areas it takes money to make money. Pay for a domain name and hosting, and learn to use paid platforms.

4. You Have to Eventually Find a Niche.

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

You may start with writing for various publications and websites in the start, but then you want to become an authority on something – so you’d rather focus on a niche eventually. I suggest you go through Danny Iny’s program to make this easier for you.

I’d said earlier in this post that taking on online freelance writing jobs with other commitments on the side – like academic commitments, jobs or other commitments – can be advantageous. Now here’s why, your personal experiences play a HUGE role in making you successful online. So your extra commitments helps you interact with society and proffer solutions based on real life experiences.

Real life experiences help you in choosing the right niche. Your Knowledge, passion and experiences are the ingredients for success online.

5. Get a Mentor…

Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them
Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

OK, frankly you don’t need this to get started, maybe when you’re eventually able to afford one. But a mentor helps a great deal. Getting one can shave you years of struggle and endless labor… and I really recommend you get one ASAP.

Here’re my recommendations…

  • Carol Tice of and

  • Jon Morrow of and

  • Tom Ewer of

  • Bamidele Onibalusi of and

I’m a member of the Freelance Writers Den, and I’ve interviewed Bamidele Onibalusi – I follow Onibalusi’s, Jon’s and Tom’s materials seriously.

I know there are quite a number of great mentors that’d guide you to success with online freelance writing jobs, but these are the ones that come to mind pretty easily now.

With these pieces of advice and information you’ll hardly go wrong with the opportunities that online freelance writing jobs present you – here and elsewhere.

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Guide to online freelance writing jobs and how to get them

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