How to Earn GUARANTEED $50, (even $400, or more) with Your Smartphone, Weekly

Don't register for or join this program if…

  1. You fear that I’m about to scam you or that this is too good to be true. (How foolish to think like this)

    This program is backed by licensed services from the Governments of France, UK, New Zealand, Cyprus, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Hungary. And overseen by experts with 10 years of practical experience.

  2. You fear that I’m lying or you think I’m hiding something… some hidden cost or whatever other tricks you think I might be trying to play. (Well… just like you, I hate tricks)

    I’ll allow you test this program for FREE, earn money first, keep the money you earned, and then, only after you've earned money... pay later… and continue earning money afterwards.

  3. Your mentor, friend, granddad or whoever you listen to says it’s not good for you… and you think they are right, simply because they said so – without verifying things for yourself. (History reminds us that “wise people” aren’t always wise)

    Remember that this is FREE and I’m NOT asking you to pay anything to participate (if you choose to keep it FREE). All you have to do is subscribe and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  4. You don’t have a smartphone (or access to a laptop/desktop) and can’t access the internet... you can't even ask a friend to lend you his/hers!

    Smartphones and Internet access have never been this cheap. Borrow from a friend, if you can.

  5. You’re too busy to spare less than 5 minutes to register. Or earning extra income is not good for you (for whatever reason)

    Well, I can’t help this one – the choice is absolutely yours!

Yes, I warned you ahead because if you continue reading this article you are likely going to sign up and make money – Ouch!

Well, quite a number of people already make money from here. While the results have varied so far… and we’re not promising you a life of luxury just yet, but we’ve seen anywhere from $50 to over $2,000 USD.

Yes… OVER $2,000 USD with a simple 15 minute effort.

Albeit, this program has 2 types (depending on how much money you're comfortable earning). We have...

  1. FREE FOREX Signals. We call it FREEdom Plan. It costs you ZERO to start now. All you need is your capital... minimum of $500 in your FX account. And then we'll trade it for you.

    You take 50% of PROFIT, because you supplied the capital. And we take the other 50% because our hard-earned skills made your capital grow.

    So it's 50/50.

    But that's after you've tested our signals. You'll enjoy 3 FREE signals, and then decide if you love the results.

  2. Premium FOREX day trading Signals (if you have $2,000 USD or more in capital... this can earn you over $800 USD per month, every month)

For the purpose of this article, I'll focus on the FREE FOREX day trading signals ONLY.

Here's what Harris Atanda said after enjoying our Signal Service

"Trading the currency exchange market can be frightening. I am a student and finally earning some money each week. I was skeptical at first. I subscribed to try the signals, and it was really fantastic surprise to see its beautiful results. Trading feels so exciting now that I get bored when I'm not trading.

I've been trading with Live Beyond School FOREX Signals Service for 8 months. I'm a lot more confident now beacuse the signals I get are 98% accurate. The remaining 2% are trades that didn't activate. I NEVER lost any money.

Just to thank you guys for this! I hope it keeps going this way"

                                                                    - Omololu Harris Atanda

Here's what Hugo Udeh said after enjoying our Signal Service

"I am newbie to FOREX trading. I was looking for a FOREX signal service provider that is reliable, consistent and profitable. So I decided to try this service and to my amazement the signal service has been able to generate quite some profitable trades for me... the signals made me $735..."  

                                                                                    - Hugo Udeh

OK, frankly, that’s a fair amount for a 15 minute effort.

In the worst case scenario, you'll NOT lose your money. In which case there will be NO trade at all.

Going forward, I'll assume you're interested in earning using our FREE FOREX trading signals. I'll also assume that you know that we use the FREE FOREX trading signals on a promise to share profits at 50/50.

If you'd rather be making over $800 to $2000 (or more) a month, and paying only $200 per trade, then you should join our PREMIUM members here.

So You want Us handling your account?

Yes we can.

To test our signals we even made a FREE $30 USD available to you. And we'll give you 3 FREE signals. And if you choose to go on, then you may do so by funding your account with $500 (minimum) to $10,000 or MORE. And then have us trade that your account on your behalf.

We'll earn 20% of your capital per trade. Unlike the Premium Plan, you won't be charged for signals. We'll simply share from the profit we make for you, 50/50.

To test our signals before you fund your account and have us trade it for you, you may choose to use the FREE $30 from our broker. Again, you'll get FREE trading signals from us, to test before you make any commitments!

Our broker gives you a bonus of 50% of your deposit for trading. Or 20% if you're depositing above $2,000 or so.

So you earn cash even before we start trading for you... if and ONLY IF you choose to continue with the program.

We have a "guinea pig account". This account helps us test our system on very small capital like $30. If we are able to remain profitable on that tiny amount of money then we are much more confident with larger sums.

In 17 trades taken on that account, we've won 16.

That's a 94.12% success rate.

See for yourself, download our Trade Report Here.

POOR = PASSING Over Opportunities Repeatedly

If You're Thinking "Hey, Is this Doable for Me?"

Well, if Jamie – a 14 year old secondary school kid (who is NOT even top of his class in school) did it – why can’t you?

He couldn't even qualify to own an account of his own. So he asked his dad's permission to open an account with his dad's identity card and utility bill.

I gave a full case study about Jamie elsewhere on this site, but just to give you an idea of what’s possible. Here’s what he earned in 9 days using our service.

Right Click and Select "View Image", to See Figures Better

How would you feel earning a minimum of an extra $50 (₦15,000), $200 (₦60,000), or even $400 (₦120,000), on the side, every month, with almost no effort, no time commitment and NO monthly payments on your part?

And that money is REALLY the minimum amount possible. You can grow your income, retire to more time freedom (if your job takes a significant amount of your time) and then start taking signals on our Premium Plan, which earns you even MORE money!

Like I showed you above, it's something that young 14 year old teenager (almost 16 years old now), Jamie, is doing with the help of this program.

  1. You don’t need anything apart from your trading capital in your trading account, and giving us access to trade for you.

    Here's how it works...

  2. You'll test our signals. And then choose the FREEdom Plan.

  3. Earn 10% profit on your money after every trade. And send's 10% via PayPal (or other payment channels) here.

  4. And then, rinse and repeat. Simple.

Now, What the HECK Is This?

This is FOREX trading – done for you. For FREE.

Absolutely FREE.

Are you new to FOREX?

Don’t worry. You don't need to know a thing about FOREX to earn money here.

Albeit, we have definitive information on what FOREX is. That page's a brief explanation to help you catch up on the fundamental understanding of FOREX.

FOREX means Foreign Exchange.

The idea is simply to make profits from the changes in exchange rates of currency pairs, like the US Dollar to Euro, or the Japanese Yen to Canadian Dollar and the likes. Like I said, you’ll get information in your inbox in case this is all too new to you.

It's important I let you know that the goal here isn't to tutor you on the technical details of how to trade FOREX. It requires high level expertise that might take years of many trial and error to perfect (and that’s if you ever perfect it – statistical evidence shows that 99% of people who try to trade FOREX never succeed sustainably).

In fact that’s why we are here.

We are here to help you jump the queue and begin making money straight up – and we’re not even asking you to pay a dime at all.

On another page on this website, I already showed how a young secondary school kid, 14 year old Jamie, used our signals to earn himself some nice $400 (₦80,000) in just about 2 trades, while still attending school. Jamie succeeded by  following extremely simple instructions that required less than 8 minutes of his time a day to do.

Through our broker, you'll be given FREE $30 (₦6,000) REAL money as your TEST capital. You can use that money to test our service before subscribing to our FREE FOREX trading service.

The profit you make is yours to keep. So you can request for and cash out the profit you make and use it for yourself! I won’t ask you for the profit or anything else.

Since we'll never charge you for anything, money only goes to your pocket. If after 6 months you desire to withdraw your capital, simply let us know by sending an email through to us and we'll refund your capital within 30 days.

You get the point. It sounds cliche, but really, anyone can do this. Jamie is an average student and NEVER topped his class, so your grades won't matter here. Most of his mates are actually smarter than him academically – but, well, he has more money than them all. Thanks to using our FOREX trading signals.  Jamie is young, but his financial future is secure…

…would you rather have a safe financial future?

If you’re like me and most people I know, you should desire to have a safe financial life.

Last time I checked, I didn't see any honor in being broke.

Here’s how this works

  1. You register for this program following a step-by-step process

  2. You confirm your identity

  3.  And then receive your FREE money to test our signals (this step is optional)

  4. We'll trade for you and make you money.

  5. Cash out your profit and spend it as you want it. (Or be smart here by allowing your profits grow over time, so that you can cash out larger amounts of money later, and then start playing big with our Premium Plan)

Isn’t that doable for you? This was what a 14 year old secondary school student did and earned himself over $400 (₦80,000) in just 1 month.

With nearly 15 years of combined experience in trading the Foreign Exchange market, you can be rest assured that we have you covered.

Is the FOREX market big enough?

Well, how would you like to know that the FOREX market trades over 4 Trillion US Dollars daily! That’s a mind boggling 520 Trillion US Dollars every 6 Months (NOT million, NOT billion, but Trillion Dollars).

As you can see, there’s more than enough money to go round – this means you can have a fair share of your profitable piece of pie.

Is this Legit, is it for Real?

Point blank, this is 100% legitimate.

And in fact will require you to go through a simple registration process to ensure that we are giving money to humans that can be verified. Don’t worry, the money won’t be asked back from you, but our broker-partner wants to make sure that fraudulent people don’t hijack this good thing we are doing for you

That verification process is required for KYC as well.

We’re partnering with Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd licensed in Cyprus (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), Australia (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), and New Zealand (Financial Service Providers Register). And our partner is also regulated by bodies in the UK (Financial Conduct Authority), Germany (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungs-aufsicht), Spain (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores), Hungary (Pénzügyi Szervezetek Állami Felügyelete), Italy (Commissione Nazionale per la Società e la Borsa), and France (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel).

You Might be Worried…

  1. What qualifications do I need?

    NO qualifications. From high school dropout to PhD holders, this program is no respecter of educational status.

  2. How much time will this demand of me?

    No time. Signing up requires less than 5 minutes of your time. Once you join the Standard Plan and fund your account with us, all you'll do is cash out.

  3. How much money do I need to start?

    Fund your account with $100 (minimum), or $500 USD (recommended)... or $2,000 USD (maximum).

    In case you need cash to test the signals for a week FREE, we have some FREE $30 available. Our partner will fund you with $30 (₦6,000) FREE – after you verify your account with them.

  4. How much money will I spend eventually?

    AFTER your FREE trial period of 1 week, you'll deposit with us a capital of $100 USD, minimum, up to $500 (recommended)... or a maximum of $2,000 to participate in this program.

    We calculate your monthly payout on a Simple Interests of 20%. So if you deposit a trading capital of $1000, for example, you'll get $200 every month until you request that we refund you that capital.

    The $30 you’ll receive from our partner is only used for TESTING signals from us. We won't need that account after the test period, to trade for you.

  5. Do I need any special skills?

    NO, you don’t.

  6. Why are you giving me free money, what’s the catch?

    It’s our way of motivating you to participate in the program. Our partner provides this funding so that you have NO risk to deal with at all.

    Please keep in mind that the money your receive is used for TEST of our signals ONLY. We do NOT need your account to earn you money.

  7. What can possibly go wrong, what is the worst possible thing that can happen?

    The worst that can happen is that we refund your capital. Our risk management system helps us keep all trades at a positive no matter what happens.

    This is why our trade record is FIRST CLASS... at 94.12% success rate.

  8. How much money can I make from this program?

    You'll make 20% on your capital every month.

    If your fund your account with $100 in January (for example), you'll earn $20 by the end of February. And continue earning that money monthly... as long as you have capital to trade with.

    If you fund your account with $500, you'll earn $100

    If you fund your account with $1000, you'll earn $200.

  9. Can I increase my capital after I've started earning from the program?

    Yes. You can increase your capital.

    But earnings from your new capital balance will only be effected the month AFTER you increased it. For example, let's say you had $500 as capital on this program since last year December and then decided to increase it. If you deposited another $500 in March (this year) to make your capital a total of $1000, you will NOT receive any profit from that new capital until END of April. Your March earnings would still be $100. But from April, your new earning of $200 will take effect.

  10. Is Live Beyond School the first to offer this kind of opportunity?

    Quite frankly, NO. We are not.

    Ours, however, doesn't demand anything from you except your participation. It's totally FREE and no special commissions are charged... and if you follow the plan you should earn enough to join the Premium Plan within the next 9 to 12 months... and then start earning sweet! $4000+ or more monthly.

  11. How does and her partners make money from this since everything is FREE?

    Thanks for asking.

    We make money ONLY AFTER you have made money.

    Commissions are earned on our trades. The commission we earn is our income. So it's IMPORTANT that we make you money... our success depends on your success.

    So you MUST succeed for us to succeed.

  12. For how long will this be available?

    This program will close her doors.

    It will be closed once we reach a set number of registrants, to make sure that we satisfy the expectations of everyone on the program... so that every one keeps making money.

  13. Can I use another broker or platform apart from the one Live Beyond School provides?


    You can use any platform of your choice.

    But you DO NOT need any platforms of your own, unless you're on the Premium Plan.

  14. How do I get paid?

    There are several options to choose from.


    a. PayPal,
    b. Direct Bank Deposit,
    c. Bank Wire,
    d. Stripe,
    e. Western Union
    f. TransferWise

  15. I have more questions, who do I talk to?

    Simply use the contact form to leave your question. I usually respond within 12 hours or less time. Or for easier reach call or chat with a rep now.

How Do I Sign Up NOW and What Next After I Sign Up?

That’s simple…

  1. Simply fill the form here to start your registration...

  2. And then go to the next page to finish your registration.

  3. Now begin cashing out. Simple.

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