Simplified FOREX Trading for Beginners (Plus an Irresistible Offer)

FOREX trading for beginners feels like rocket science... at first.

It need not be.

This article gives you simple, actionable information, a couple of fun facts, plus FREE cash (to test-trade) and trading signals to start with right here and NOW.

So let's get started already!

forex trading for beginners |

Just like everything else in life, most of what you struggle with as beginner FOREX trader is cheap stuff to someone else. FOREX is a special animal. Only 1% of traders make money consistently.

Most people simply lose more money than they make. As a beginner, the best thing is to earn money first,and then learn how to trade later. If that sounds pleasant to you, then you should want to use our FREE FOREX trading signals.

On top of all that, most expert promise you failure.

We promise success.

It's a promise because we know what success tastes like, firsthand.

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15 Fun Facts About FOREX

  1. More than $5.3 TRILLION are traded on the foreign exchange market each day.

  2. Forex trading daily volume is 4 times global GDP

  3. The USD is the most popular currency. It’s involved in 87% of all trades

  4. FOREX trading daily volume is about 53 times the volume of the world's largest stock exchange... the New York stock exchange

  5. $40 to $50 Million USD minimum in liquidity was needed to trade the FOREX market in the 1990s. So the market was exclusive to banks and corporations that could pull together that amount of money. It was so until 1999 when online trading started and the development of the MT4 platform in the early 2000s, made trading possible to a wider range of audiences. Today anyone with internet connect can trade FOREX.

  6. The Great Britain Pounds vs. United States Dollar (GBP/USD) currency pair is called the ‘cable’. This was a giant steel cable laid under the Atlantic that connected the London and New York stock exchanges. Of course, this was before fibre optic technology and global communication satellites.

  7. Only 0.4% of FOREX traders are discretionary traders, according to Ph.D. researcher John Forman, 99.6% of retail Forex traders are unable to achieve more than 4 back-to-back profitable quarters. And Live Beyond School happens to enjoy that position at the 0.4%.

  8. According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), The UK, US, Singapore and Japan account for 71%  in 2010 and 75% in 2013, of foreign exchange trading.

  9. 60% of all FOREX transactions are conducted in either the UK (41%) or the United States (19%). The rest of the world holds the remaining 40%.

  10. Some banks are known to allocate as much as 20-30% of their funds into the Forex market and generate between 40-60% of their total profits through trading currencies. This is by far their most lucrative thing to do.

  11. There is no central bank in Forex, and the price of currencies essentially floats, with Market Makers setting exchange rates. This means that no one fixes exchange rates here, the market determines those rates by itself. This arrangement gives the FOREX market complete freedom.

  12. Forex is the most liquid market in the world. So you can make money right now and INSTANTLY have it in your hands the next moment.

  13. There’s no crisis in the FOREX markets. An economic crisis can actually be the best time for FOREX traders as money can be made in both rising and falling economic situations. All that is needed are rate fluctuations, not growth per se.

  14. FOREX is the only truly global market that never sleeps, except at weekends

  15. You can make $4,000 to over $10,000 monthly now. Here's how.

First Steps to Understanding FOREX...

Hmm, FOREX. How do I explain this miracle to you?

OK. Have you ever had to change one currency to another?

Maybe when your brother from another mother sent you 500 British pounds and you live in the Netherlands where you spend the Euro. If you're like most people in the Netherlands, you'll have to exchange that 500 British pounds for its Euro equivalent before you get a chance at spending that money.


Of course, yes.

To convert that 500 British pounds to euro, you'd be given a conversion rate. Generally there are two possibilities here. You could have more Euros (more than €500) or less Euros ( less than €500), depending on conversion rares of US Dollars to Euros.

This simple activity of conversion is what FOREX trading is all about. FOREX is short for FOREIGN EXCHANGE.

You already know that when you travel to a foreign country you’ll have to exchange your home currency to the local currency. That’s FOREX.

In short, FOREX TRADING is conversion of one currency (e.g. British pounds) to another currency (e.g. Euros), with the intent of making a profit.

What is traded in FOREX? A lot... Cocoa, grains, currencies, and other cash crops.

In the our case we trade currencies. So we trade MONEY! The goal is to trade a weak currency for a stronger one or vice versa.

Rates of conversion between currencies are never static. They're always changing. You can benefit from these changes by exchanging a weaker currency for stronger one. If you do this successfully, you'll make a profit. If not, you'll lose money.

If you exchange currencies successfully on a consistent basis, then you can remain successful. 99% percent of FOREX traders can't consistently exchange currencies without losing more money than they make. We are one of the top 1% who've been consistently profitable in trading the FOREX market.

A Simple Way to Gasp FOREX Trading for Beginners

When you give out a currency in exchange for another currency, you have simultaneously bought one currency and sold the other.  So note that FOREX is always traded in pairs

Now, imagine you have a £100 bill in your pocket right now and you decided to change it to United States Dollars because you were planning to travel to New York. Let’s assume you converted that money at an exchange rate of 1.520. That means for every £1 you get 1.52 US Dollar. With this rate, you now have $152 USD.

forex trading for beginners |

Suddenly, you got promoted at work and cancelled your trip to New York, and decided to change the 152 US Dollars back to British Pounds. As your lucky stars would have it, the exchange rate had plummeted to 1.11 (meaning £1 = 1.11 US Dollars, now)

How much British Pounds would you have afterwards?

$152 USD/ 1.11 (the new exchange rate) = £136.94. WOW!

You just made an accidental £36.84 profit on your money, without even making an effort at it…

That was accidental. How would you like to make this profit regularly?

Being able to accurately predict these changes in exchange rates is what FOREX trading is all about.

Here’s the twist,

The fact that you can make money doing this means that you can also lose money if you find yourself on the wrong side of the exchange rate. This is something crucial in FOREX trading for beginners.

Success here demands SERIOUS expertise.

But you do not have to be the expert... Josh and I have spent time and money to perfect our skill in this respect. Ask anyone who've remotely been on this path, they'd affirm that this is a very long, laborious and expensive journey. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. We are here to help you jump the queue.

I'll tell you when to convert one currency to another currency (this is called FOREX trading signals) and you will make money by doing so.

You don't need to know any more about FOREX than this. Our trading signals is used by traders in more than 50 countries. It's basically plug and play. Follow what we tell  you and make money, simple.

All that is standing between you and making money in the FOREX market is to open a FOREX account with a FOREX broker, download the MT4 FOREX trading platform, and get acquainted with the simple basics of using the platform. And then use our signals to start earning money. Click here to learn how the trading software used for FOREX works.

Frankly, this article is by no means exhaustive. But,then details will only inundate you. Most of the 99% who don't know how to consistently make money from FOREX actually know more details than they need.

You wanna start making money right here and now – believe me that extra knowledge may, in fact, is irrelevant – you don’t need to be inundated to succeed. So Start SUCCEEDING here and NOW, and leave the excesses.

What to Do Next?

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