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All Student Events

It's a big part of your experience on this plane, but school life is short. You want to pack every moment full with unforgettable memories. Catch everything, from sensational local campus events in your city, to awe-inspiring moments half the world away.

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All Academics/Researchers Events

A vital reason for these event listings is opening up opportunities you either might have been desiring to have or may not have contemplated ever before... by design, the opportunities you'll unearth in these meetings, workshops, seminars, webinars, and the likes have serious potentials for welcome breakthroughs in your career, work, or project.

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Whatever you're looking for, home or abroad, these seminars, conferences, Webinars, and Workshops are going to be fun for you... trust me.

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Events in Your School

Get information on what's hip and hot on campuses from across the world. And also from your campus locally.

Take it a step further...

Live Beyond School wants to hear from you. Upload your events here... ANYTHING at all happening in your school can be announced here, and YES, it's for FREE. And always will be.

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Events by Academic/Professional Discipline

Contests and competitions worth your try |

Connect with people in your field or across fields. Learn new things while building strong relationships and networks.

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Trade Shows/Business Events

Whether you are in business or you're a business, event listings here can help open up doors for you and your enterprise. These trade shows offers a ton of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people to both learn and earn better, and faster.

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Olympiads and Sporting Events

Engage to or cheer your friends as they compete for the ultimate prize. Or simply let sportsmanship take the lead, no matter the outcome of the day. Have fun. Hangout. Enjoy moments that last forever.

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Science Exhibitions/Events

As you may already know, we humans have never been at a time so exciting. Science have never been this successful and lucrative too. The topping is "science events". You're going to love meeting scientific thinkers from across the world, or cross the street, who have really fascinating ideas to share with you. Ideas so potent that they change you or, in fact, the world, forever.

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Art Exhibitions

Get opportunities to connect with amazing artists from across the world, or across the block. And also get the chance to show off your art to audiences that truly value and respect your work. Take on opportunities to have your work featured on some of the world's most adored art galleries.

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Social Science Exhibitions/Events

Just like the in case of any intellectual matter, event listings covering social sciences offer you the opportunity to connect with the best in your field, be it Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Management or some other social science disciplines. This is going to be awesome for you.

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Engineering and Designs Exhibitions/Events

The pace of advancement in engineering and designs is at it's highest ever. You want to connect with engineers and designs professionals from across the world, open up new and exciting opportunities to advance your career, and achieve your goals speedily and easily. You'll love what we offer here.

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Banquets and Symposiums

Enjoy the best of both worlds, connect with people you care about, over meals you enjoy... attending banquets. Or engage intensely and intellectually on subjects that matter to you, attending symposiums.

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Concerts, Tours and Recitals

Keep tabs on your favorite concerts, artistes' tours and recitals or discover new ones... the list here helps you enjoy them all with ease.

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Fashion and Runway Shows

Catch the models and latest fashion trends LIVE. Network with the darlings of the runway and create your own opportunities. Attend local and global fashion events that match your taste and fancy.

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Join the celebration of victories, championships, celebrities and more... Be there live! Tell it and don't be told! Experience it... don't imagine it! Join the Awards from your school, city, country and, even, halfway around the world. Live Beyond School brings them all to you.


Take your adventure to the woods!

Let's help you discover where it's happening next. Join kindred spirits who love life in the wild and the feeling of adventure... just like you. Let'sss.... GO!

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Dance Revues and Shows

Whatever your style, however you dance, show off what you got or get bedazzled watching what other steppers got. You'll absolutely love this... find your fit here.

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Inaugural and Special Lectures

Discover lectures from academics and researchers on topics that you care about. And if you're an academic or researcher, you may announce your events here as well, letting students, other researchers and academics find your events with ease... it's FREE to post your event here.

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Tech Events

If you love gadgets and want to show it... or want to own them, then you're going to love this one. Event listings here open up doors to opportunities you love to have.

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Campus and Night Parties

If you love to ROCK!

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