Escrow Account to Fund Academics Abroad

The purpose for this escrow account is to help you raise money to cover for living expenses while schooling abroad. This is a requirement embassies will NOT overlook—you must have money to cover for your living expenses or no visa is granted (even with an admission letter in hand).

So with an admission from a tuition-free school you can use this funds to cover living expenses.

You may use the funds to cover for tuition too, abroad or locally—if you’re signed up to LiveBeyondSchool’s Study Abroad Guide.
Having this money at your ready-to-use disposal is TOTALLY necessary to convincing embassies that you won’t be a liability abroad, while schooling.


An escrow account is an account where you put money in solely for the purpose of investments. That means you cannot cash the money from that account until investment objectives are met.
It’s usually done to help the owner of the account maintain discipline to his/her goal.


  1. You will fill an opening registration form.

  2. Your account will be automatically created and your escrow portal activated.

  3. You will send fund (N100, 000) to study abroad program account.

  4. This money in your account will be reflected in your escrow portal.

  5. You login to your portal to see the current value of your money per time

  6. You can place a withdrawal from the program (if you so desire) at the end of any month before the 9 months period is reached.

  7. At the end of 9 months you can cash out some/all your profits and start all over again with the same capital

  8. You can also decide to extend beyond 9 months.

  9. You can notify us of any action you want to take directly from your portal


This program will commence on the 12th of September 2016 but registration is expected to have been completed before then. You will be notified (if you qualify to participate) when registration begins.


You will attached you bank details to your portal during registration. When you make a withdrawal request, the money will be paid straight to your bank account within 14 working days.

NOTE: only those who buy the guide on or before Sunday 31st of July 2016 will have a chance to partake of the escrow account investment.

While the escrow arrangement is not compulsory, anyone that did not buy the guide before 31st of July won’t even have the choice to be a part or not. You will be forever excluded.

To qualify, purchase your guide here.

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