Thanks for your interest in registering on the Live Beyond School Escrow System. Please fill the form below, after reading (and understanding) the terms and conditions, if you wish to participate.

Terms and conditions

This agreement is between you and Live Beyond School Study Abroad program. Henceforth “we” refers to Live Beyond School study abroad.

  1. This is an investment and it carries its own level of risk as any type of kind on investment anywhere across the globe.

  2. The least amount you can start with is 100,000 Naira

  3. This amount will be converted to the US dollars at the prevailing black market rate.

  4. At the end of the program, the USD value of your investment will also be converted back to Naira at the prevailing exchange rate of the time of conversion.

  5. This escrow account has a locked-down period of 9 months. This means that profit can only be withdrawn after 9months or more if you now choose to extend. Any pullout action before its 9 months starting on the 12th of September 2016, will mean withdrawal of capital ONLY (and no profits at all on that capital).

  6. You will get a monthly investment profit report on the 12th of every month in the email address provided in your registration form detailing how much your profit you have made.

  7. To opt out of the program before the required 9 months, necessitates you giving us a 30 days notification ahead, to process the refund of your capital back to you.

  8. Capital Protection levels:

I. 100% protection of capital (meaning no matter what happens you’ll get your capital back) but your investment will yield at the rate of 10% Monthly ROI compounded at 213% yearly interest rate

II. 50% protection of capital (meaning no matter what happens you’ll get half of your capital back) –  but your investment will yield at the rate of 15% monthly ROI compounded at 435% yearly interest rate

III.    0% capital protection (meaning your capital may be lost) – but your investment will yield at the rate of 30% monthly ROI compounded at 2229 yearly interest rate.

Use the calculator below to find out what you money will be after any period of time of your choice.


For initial capital of say ₦100,000 and a 100% capital protection option, insert the following into the calculator:

a)    Principal (i.e. One Thousand Naira minimum): 100,000

b)    Interest rate: 213%
(435% for 50% capital protection and 2,229% for 0% capital protection)

c)    Interest Type: Compound (same for all the categories)

d)    Interest frequency: Yearly (same for all the categories)

e)    Period (months): 9

Note: for any level of capital protection, the more the period, the more the returns and also the more the initial capital the more the returns.

So you can compare these two parameters to know how long it would take to
reach your goal with the capital you have.

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