FAQs: Your Best Forex Signal Service?

Our system have been doing well – some users believe we’re the best FOREX signal service on the planet—and that’s beginning to attract lots and lots of questions.

Almost everyone who’ve become excited about, and addicted to, our system today was doubtful and feared what might happen if they joined us. What you’ll see here are some of the most frequently asked questions…

If after you have gone through these Q&As and you still have questions, feedback, comments, criticisms (that’s useful and insightful), suggestions or want to give us FREE money (hahaha), feel free to let us know using the form here, or over WhatsApp (+234 816 777 9197).

Now, the questions… followed by answers that WORK.

1. What's your Win ratio?

You say that you’ve NEVER lost a trade since December 2015. How do I verify that?

Our win ratio so far, since our system got some polishing in November 2015, have been at 23:1

We have won 23 trades out of 24.  That's 95.83% success rate.

Below is a screenshot of the trades we’ve taken. And you may also download a full history of the last 3 months here.

First we worked on our system for as long as it took to make it a stable one. We did our best to perfect it before launching it out as a signal service.

Here’s an account we used in building up the system we currently use. (To view image, right click on image and select "View Image" from the menu)

FAQs: Your Best Forex Signal Service


(To view image, right click on image and select "View Image" from the menu)

FAQs: Your Best Forex Signal Service

We have used this system to generate thousands of US Dollars for our clients. Here’s an example of what this system has done in profits for a clients in ONLY 2 weeks of trade:

(To view image, right click on image and select "View Image" from the menu)

FAQs: Your Best Forex Signal Service

2. Do You Offer FREE Trials?

Is there a way to test your system before I decide to commit to your system?

We give 3 signals for FREE.

Whether you choose to go for the  Freedom Plan or Premium Plan, you can enjoy the benefit of the FREE signals. Simply register here and indicate interest in the FREE signals and we’ll send them through to your inbox.

Ideally you should just go ahead and make money without trying signals, but I know you might be too cautious. And that's perfectly OK. If you do feel super cautious, I'll advice that you take the first 2 signals on a demo account, and then take the last trade on a real account.

And then pay for your signals from that money you earned trading on the real account. That's if you are going with the Premium Plan.

You can begin earning for FREE here, now.

Here’s what some traders who’ve tested and trusted our system are saying:

FOREX Day Trading Signal: How to Earn $1000 on EVERY Trade – Guaranteed

I'v been with Live Beyond School's FOREX trading signals service for about a month now. And I must admit I was a little skeptical with their method/strategy but I took the plunge. A month into it I have realised they have a very safe and successful system, and I can now confidently say I am 100% on all my trades with this signals service. I will definitely recommend my friends who are already impressed with the results.

Josh also is available almost 24 hours to answer any concerns which is great as he will always put your mind to rest. Thanks Joshua!

                                                                                  - Tanvir Wasti

"Trading the currency exchange market can be frightening. I am a student and finally earning some money each week. I was skeptical at first. I subscribed to try the signals, and it was really fantastic surprise to see its beautiful results. Trading feels so exciting now that I get bored when I'm not trading.

I've been trading with Live Beyond School FOREX Signals Service for 8 months. I'm a lot more confident now beacuse the signals I get are 98% accurate. The remaining 2% are trades that didn't activate. I NEVER lost any money.

Just to thank you guys for this! I hope it keeps going this way"

                                                                    - Omololu Harris Atanda

3. Why NO Stop Loss?

You trade without Stop Loss, why? And what alternative risk management do you use instead

Stop Loss kills!

Yes, I know that goes against everything you probably believe about Stop Loss in FOREX trading. Here’s why we don’t use Stop Loss on our trades:

Our risk management is totally rooted and distributed in our trading system, and market analysis itself.  We rely less on fallible tools like Stop Loss

  1. We have invested a lot of energy into coming up with ENTRY positions that ultimately ensure every trade hits our take profits point.  Sometimes these entry points are spot on exact, but not all trades will be that exact, there might be some fluctuation and it won’t be wise to lose money on a sure trade just because of a tiny fluctuation (or what we call turbulence) around an entry point.

    Many traders lose money due to Stop Losses that close them out of a winning trade.

    Our system ensures that every trade we place is a winning trade before we place the trade, and we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot by setting Stop Losses that’d be activated just because of regular market fluctuations around our entry point.

  2. Secondly, there’re rumors and stories out there that some brokers trade against their clients in order to make money on their clients’ losses. The truth is that we can’t verify that claim. As a matter of precaution, we avoid the use of Stop Loss; this makes it impossible for brokers to wipe our trades outs by trading against us in any way.

    One thing is for sure, whether brokers trade against their clients or not, they can’t change the course of the FOREX market in general, just on their own platform. I mean EUR/USD can’t be buying on FXpro but selling on AVA Trader.

    As a matter of experience, please AVOID using Pepperstone. A client of ours had a VERY ugly experience with them. Read what people are saying about the broker here.

OK. So what alternative method do we use to managing risk?

Our risk management is totally rooted and distributed in our trading system, and market analysis itself. We rely less on fallible tools like Stop Loss. We have a 99.99% expectation for every trade to be a winning trade, even before we place those trades.

A vital risk management factor is our LOT SIZE management system. Our lot is capped to your trading equity.

Essentially, our recommended lot sizes are systematically determined to perfectly withstand any market fluctuation between trade activation and our take profit point.

Also, we avoid concurrent trades because that stretches your trading equity and increases risk of loss.

This gives you a fair picture of how we prevent losses using systematic parameters. We don’t just hope to lose some money using a Stop Loss, and then claim we are doing risk management, we employ robust risk management that runs on the entirety of our system – not just a tiny fraction of the whole.

You’re NOT trading to lose money.

With a Stop Loss, you’ll lose trades that were originally bound to win.

Risk Management should help you gain and keep money – not lose it.

4. When Trades Go Negative?

How low would a trade go in a negative direction before you close is? And what would you do if a trade doesn’t go as expected?

Our Price Action analysis reveal decisive points to us, these are critical price points that if crossed we conclude that the particular trade has gone bad. This point is known even before the trade is placed. We factor these points in when making our trade signal decisions.  By placing the trade based on our system, we are 100% certain that that point can never be crossed before our Take Profit point is reached and activated.

Now this is based on our very confidential price action analysis, which we do before any trade.

This has been our reality so far. And it’s been fantastic.

5. Trading the News?

Do you factor in new releases and fundamental analysis into your trading analysis?

From over 5 years of FOREX trading experience, staring at the MT4 and its attendant properties, analyzing FOREX data, watching screens day and night, I can tell you with certainty that NEW DATA does not change trends direction instantly. News may create volatility in the meantime, but they hardly cause SUDDEN change to the trend’s overall direction.

And this is why I think that happens: all stakeholders in the FX market including the big players have presumptive expectations of the anticipated news release; and those expectations playing out, even before, the news release occurs.

If these expectation will lead to a change on the current trend of the pair, the momentum would have been obvious even before the data is released.

The same goes for press conferences and speeches.

Only extremely rare, and completely immeasurable and unforeseeable news release or market sentiments could change the market trends suddenly, for real. Example was when the Swiss Central Bank sudden announced the removal of the peg of the CHF against the Euro, in early 2015. It triggered ridiculously massive market movements in all the affected currency pairs, movements so hard to determine and so out of control that even some brokers went broke. A major broker that closed its doors was Alpari UK – based on that one-off event.

The CHF event was an extremely rare event, as far as regular market trading goes.

Our system has the advantage of knowing when a pair’s direction may likely change before we even place any trade on that pair.

In fact, this is the first check we do in kick starting the process of placing a trade – we check for the possibility of a pair to change direction within the expected lifetime of a trade we placed on it, ideally before the Take Profit point is reached.

That analysis makes us avoid pairs that can swing into the reverse trend by a news release.

6. Expected Lifetime of Your Success?

For how long do you think this success would go uninterrupted?

Following our system, and having done extensive tests on the system, even in tough market scenarios, we can confidently say that our success isn’t fleeting fantasy and it’s ABSOLUTELY sustainable for the long haul.

Albeit, we’ve come to understand that the major reasons why people ask this question are…

  • The belief that winners will eventually lose: The fact that most signal providers with uninterrupted success eventually get interrupted by a streak of loses.

    Truth: We can’t promise you we’ll win forever, however we can promise you that our trades will ALWAYS have net profit that far outweighs any losses – and we are going to keep this result at 80% or higher. It’s 100% so far…

  • The belief that nothing good lasts forever

    Truth: That’s a limiting belief. I recommend Morty Lefkoe in that case. Nature is full of good things that’s lasted forever… at least covering entire lifetimes and generations.

    This is not to say we may not have challenging times – challenges are normal – but we can always have success at the end of every challenge. That’s my point.

7. Are You Accountable at all?

How do you guys show accountability should a trade I enter based on your trade signals goes against me and wipes out my balance?

The first and most important form of accountability is THE SYSTEM on which your trade occurs. Our system have been rigorously tested on small and large sums of real money, and we have stellar results to show for our hard work.

Here’s how accountability works in your favor here…

FAQs: Your Best Forex Signal Service
  • We want to keep our good name: When you Google up our name we don’t want unpleasant experiences plastered all over the internet, and we want to keep it so. And for us to keep our name clean we have to make trades successful for you ALL the time.

  • This is our business: And in business, we only win when you the customer wins. We want you to have results that you can’t stomach – results you can rave about. If our results are kept stellar – since we’re focused on winning every trade, and have been doing well so far – we can keep you happy and raving about us to your friends. That’s what we want, not complaints.

  • Why lose money? It’s dumb to think that treating you less than royalty is smart. We already make money using our own trading system – selling our signals to you makes us MORE money. And if we can keep you happy we can make more money. So it makes sense to make sure your trades ALWAYS WIN.

    Our accountability is deep in our genes, at every decision point we’d ask ourselves “We want to keep our good name, this is our business – why lose money?”

8. Your Growth & Future?

How do you plan to manage rapid growth and what’s your plan for the future?

To effectively answer this question, I’d like to split this FOREX signals service into 3 phases of growth.

     a. Night Phase
     b. Morning Phase
     c. Afternoon Phase

Night phase describes the phase in which this program is relatively unknown… there’s still doubt.

Josh and I are having to show you hard facts and figures, just to make you see how viable our already successful system is. This phase won’t be here for long… as savvy traders have already joined us and have made and are still making thousands of Dollars weekly.

Morning Phase: More awareness, and buzz in some quarters. This program is also nearing its peak and we are winding up plans to close the program from public access – plans to make it available to ONLY the subscribers who’ve joined so far.

This plan deeply incorporates technology, in which case trades are automatically entered and existed for our members. No one would ever have to trade signals by themselves – our auto-trader software does that. Everyone simply takes their profit.

There are 2 serious reasons for this…

  • Convenience: You will never need to watch trades ever again. Whatever we execute from our system is automatically triggered on your platform. So you will NEVER miss out on anything at all.

  • Security: Our signals are our intellectual properties. So we won’t want it unjustly availed to people who’ve not made any financial contribution to our work. More so, we want to honor the good will of people like you who pay for our service. By using this auto-trader system, we solve the issue of piracy and we also honor your goodwill.

Afternoon Phase: This program is all over the face of the media, there’s more buzz than is necessary. But then we’d have closed entry. No one is allowed to join the program – except you have over $100 Million USD to trade with. Members benefit from exclusive trades and profits.

And then the weeping and gnashing of teeth starts for those who ignored this message while it looked “unbelievable” – at this time it’s become TOO believable. Now it looks like overnight success… but then you can only watch it on TV and read about it online because you ignored it while it was still night and there were too many doubts clogging your sense of judgement.

9. Why the confidence in your system?

Why are you confident of your system working into the future?

The fundamental principle upon which our system is based is Price Action. Price Action, at its best, delivers infallible results.

Let me share a story I borrowed from Simon Black’s Newsletter, Notes from the Field, published December 2, 2013. This true life story that helps you gasp the power of Price action…

In 1983, commodities trader Richard Dennis set out to show that anybody could trade profitably provided they were taught some simple rules.

His partner, William Eckhardt, disagreed... and a wager was born.

(If this sounds familiar, it should be. It forms the basis of the plot to John Landis' 1983 comedy, 'Trading Places'.)

Dennis placed classified ads in the financial press soliciting trainee traders—no experience required. Successful applicants were subsequently taught some basic rules about risk management and trend-following.

These aspirant traders were called 'turtles' after Dennis' experience of seeing a Singaporean turtle farm, and his belief that successful traders could be "grown" just like those turtles.

Whereas most fund managers try and predict the future, the turtles simply paid attention to the market price

21 men and two women were hired over the next two years in two separate programs. Long story short, many of 'the turtles' went on to become multi- millionaires.

Not only that, but some of 'the turtles' went on to join the ranks of the most successful traders in history.

Richard Dennis believed that a successful trading philosophy could be taught to anybody provided they kept to the rules. Dennis himself borrowed $400 from his father and by the early 1980s had amassed a fortune of $200 million.

As his father famously observed, "Let's just say Richie ran that $400 up pretty good."

The basic 'turtle' rules involved entering trades on the basis of markets breaking out from previously established ranges. If a given futures market traded at a new 20-day high, then it should be bought. If it traded at a new 20-day low, it should be sold. Stop losses were included for hedging downside risk. Risk per transaction was also carefully controlled.

The turtles were allowed to trade a variety of US futures markets, including interest rates, currencies, energies, metals and commodities (hard and soft). Futures markets were favored due to their depth and liquidity.

Whereas most fund managers try and predict the future, the turtles simply paid attention to the market price. For as long as price trends persisted and they weren't stopped out, they would add to their positions (subject to obeying the rules about appropriate position sizing).

If the turtles lost money, they would have to reduce their bet size until they'd brought their account back into the black.

There are really only two ways of looking at financial markets. One of them is fundamental: to take into consideration macro-economic themes, the economy, interest rates, inflation. The other method is technical: what are prices doing?

Richard Dennis recognized that price is the only metric really worth trusting – everything else is a matter of opinion. This trading strategy today goes by the name 'systematic trend-following'.

Unlike many approaches to trading, it requires no special understanding of any given market—just a healthy respect for the price action.

This occurrence in history effectively exemplifies and summarizes the effect of developing a trading system around fundamental principles.

Here’s a highlight of the key points in the above story:

  1. The futures market can be traded profitably by learning and following simple rules.

  2. You can trade a variety of futures markets, including interest rates, currencies, energies, metals and commodities based on these fundamental rules. (I love to call them principles).

  3. Most traders try to predict the future, successful traders pay attention to the behavior of market price

  4. There are really only two ways of looking at financial markets. One of them is fundamental: to take into consideration macro-economic themes, the economy, interest rates, inflation. The other method is technical: what are prices doing?

  5. Price is the only metric really worth trusting – everything else is a matter of opinion. Unlike many approaches to trading, it requires no special understanding of any given market – just a healthy respect for the price action

This is why our system holds water.

10. Trading on People's Behalf...

Do you trade on behalf of people on all plans (the premium,  and freedom plans)?


We only trade for people on the Freedom plans.

Get details here.

11. Withdrawing Capital & Profits

During Withdrawals, is it both the capital and profit that one withdraws?

It's all up to you.

And this question only applies for the Freedom Plans. Premium Plan users have 100% control of their accounts.

For the Freedom Plan, you are NOT required to make any withdrawals (except you choose to do so). However, you'll need to pay Live Beyond School her 50% of profits from the last trade, as agreed upon, before participating in the next trade.

12. How Much Money can I make?

How much money can I make, using your trading signals?

This depends on your choice of plan.

Premium Plan: This is where you earn the MOST. And the least you should earn a week is $400 USD, that is $1,600 minimum a month. And depending on how much money you have, you can earn as high as $10,000 a month (or more).

Below is what a client's account made in a month. He earned over $11,000 USD (that's over £7,800 British Pounds) in 1 month... and this isn't unique to some clients.

Freedom Plan: You may be too busy to receive and manage trades when we send out our signals. We can help you do that. You can earn from as little as $200 per week (after we've take our 50%), to as high as $1,000, or as high as you want... it all depends on your capital.

So, what NEXT?

Go get it!

Start earning money right now with our signals.

Your first 3 signals are FREE, and it's FREE to signup. You can use these signals to earn some money BEFORE you ever make any financial commitments.

Here, click to get started. Cheers!