4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You

Six, even, seven figure income. Authority status. Features on Forbes. Successful writers enjoy these and more... mostly doing things that unsuccessful writers either dread or simply don’t know about.

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You

Here're the 4 points. You may explore  them right off the bat...

It’s not only about what high achieving writers do that others don’t. It’s also about what they DON’T do that other do.

1. They Avoid Aiming and Aiming for Better

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You

The trick with procrastination is that procrastinators almost always have logically correct reasons to postpone things, polish that article, read one more book… go for one final seminar – before they actually take action… action they never end up taking, eventually.

This is NOT to make an excuse for the ready-fire-aim approach. This is to draw you out of the aim-aim-aim approach. Never done getting ready. Never firing. Just aiming – fine-tuning your aims indefinitely.

Perfection is good, even encouraged – but successful writers are FAR from being perfectionists… at least, not when and where taking actual action is called  for. They may work on making written grammar as correct as possible, and then correcting typos, but that’s about it. They really don’t fiddle with endless details. They are OK with making mistakes, learning and applying real life lessons instead of waiting for perfect conditions.

They simply ACT!

…and more often than not, they act, even before they’re ready.

2. Successful Writers Don’t Listen to the Experts All the Time

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You

Well… I say this one with caution. You don’t want to go behaving like a complete idiot and not caring what people think of that. You want to be rational here. So long you’re within reason, you are free to be yourself…

…being too careful of what others think of your writing can actually make you lose the KEY ingredient in any writing – persona. People being able to connect with you as a person comes from you being authentic, and being authentic can be messy at times. Accept that mess, it’s all part of it.

Always remember that experts can be dead wrong at times – if not a lot of times.

It’s, however, important that you listen to experts (even though they may conflict in opinion at times), but go beyond hear-do. Go test stuff out for yourself. Stick with what works for you… and continue innovating things and improving yourself. Jon Morrow said somewhere on his website that successful writers always have unique and compelling approaches that’s just there’s… this “uniqueness” comes from personal tests, and not being carbon copies of other experts.

3. They Don’t Give Up Simply Because It's Logical or Profitable to Do So

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You

You’ll probably not really grasp it for sure when Bamidele Onibalusi of writersincharge.com talks of the hardship that follows working as a web professional in a third world country. A country with erratic electricity supply, expensive and poor internet provision, and a dozen other broken pieces of basic infrastructure that could hurt your business – if not stab it to death.

It’s not your fault, these things... Stable Electricity, 2MB to over 16MB Download speed of internet, and a dozen and half other things that you take for granted everyday. Welcome to the first world. In Bamidele’s environment, it made perfect sense to STOP blogging if you’d written over 200 articles over nearly 8 months with nothing to show for it. Logically you should stop there, especially when you find yourself taking writing contests in the hopes to win and use the proceeds to fund your… well… financially broke, 10-hours-a-day article writing spree – it’s only logical you stop.

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You | Bamidele Onibalusi

Bamidele didn’t stop. Sticking through paid off for the sixteen year old. He’d since enjoyed features on Forbes, the Huffington Post, and a host of other publications online and offline. He enjoys six figure income and authority status in his career today. He just turned 21 in December 2014.

If success is as much a necessity to you as air, you will keep the course. You will go beyond the spur or pain of the moment. You will stick to firing on your aim until the results show up. You will stick there even when it’s illogical to do so. You will not be ashamed of going to the dark places that your dream may lead. Successful writers have sticking power.

This goes beyond the “winners don’t quit, quitters don’t win” cliché. This is where you draw the boundaries – you define the victories you DON’T want, and so you are ready to lose instead of win… until you win what you WANT. You know that not every kind of victory, no matter how lofty, is yours. You stick with what’s yours… the kind of victory you want.

4. They Won’t Sit to Read Another Article.

4 Things Successful Writers Do Differently But Don't Tell You"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves".--- Thomas A. Edison

Achievers will ACT now.

…if you want success, look through all you’ve been postponing and begin taking action right away!

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