Study Abroad for FREE: The Ultimate 11 Step Guide (Plus Financial Help to Secure Visa)
(590+ Academic Programs Available)

You're frustrated seeking for scholarships to study abroad. The idea of writing SAT GRE/GMAT is overwhelmingly annoying.

Forget all that crap.

Here's the deal...

...You can school in some of the BEST universities in Europe for FREE. Read on, I'll show you how...

But wait.

Studying abroad is NOT for everyone.

Maybe it's not for you. But how do you know? Let's take a closer look...

This is NOT for you if...

  1. You can't read this page from beginning to END. And do your best to comprehend it.

  2. If you find it too HARD to follow STEPS and processes. This guide shows you steps and processes, if you can't stick through and do the work necessary, please leave.

  3. You don't understand English (I know that sounds like a joke, but my experience have been quite bizarre)... Quick quiz: what's the meaning of "bizarre"?

  4. If you're so new to the internet that I have to explain what a "password" means. Or what "Download" means. This isn't for you.

  5. I know you have fears. We all do. People probably took your money and didn't DELIVER on their promises... I've been in your shoes a number of times. I know the ugly feeling.

    I get you.

    But I have my LIFE WORK at stake here. is my baby, (if that sounds emotional, that's because it is. I work here daily) it costs hundreds of US Dollars to keep this website running monthly.

    Moreover, is a global brand with a team of people dedicated to DELIVERING VALUE.

    I'll deliver my promises... I promise.

    But if you honestly think otherwise, please leave...

Now if you're still here, chances are that this guide is for you. So what will you find here?

Let's dig in!

In the guide you’ll discover…

  1. Prestigious European universities that are actually CHEAPER than Nigerian universities.

  2. Why a Nigerian degree might be risky for you (and what  you can do about it)

  3. The grades and certificates that schools in Europe require for Bachelors, Master or PhD

  4. What courses you can apply for based on your current academic grades or certifications you already have

  5. Helps you to know what your current grades mean in European Academic standards

  6. The 2 parts to schooling abroad:

    a. Gaining admission AND

    b. Fund your living expenses

    (we’ll help you with the two)

  7. How to apply: The exact documents needed and how to arrange them

  8. 11 Steps to gaining admission to tuition free schools in Europe

  9. Schools that give lectures in English language

  10. Knowing the type of visa to apply for and when to apply

  11. How to cover your accommodation, meals, and other living expenses (even if all you can afford is ₦9,000 a month)

  12. Student jobs that are available (pays up to ₦100,000 Monthly)

  13. Getting work permit and job after graduating school

But here's a little about me: I'm Nicholas. Owner of, more about me on the "About" page of this website. You may also connect with me on Facebook (NicGodwin), LinkedIn (/godwinnicholas), or Twitter (@donglitzie). My Skype ID is nicholasgodwin.

That's me, on board a flight (Ethiopian Airways)

I'm a columnist and interviewer for Blueprint Entrepreneur Magazine ( in Canberra, New South Wales, Australia; researcher and writer for American publishers, and research company Wonder Research Network (

Using my skills as a webmaster and web content creator, I regularly help authorities in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry (like Nigerian Energy Chronicles, Energy Nuggets Limited, Abuja Petroleum Roundtable and others) grow their revenue.

This Study Abroad for Free Guide is my way of helping you move ahead in life. Quite a number of people have used my guidance successfully, and I feel grateful to help in this capacity.

I suspect that you've been trying hard to win a scholarship. Perhaps you've written your London GCE, sat for the SAT, and all... done all to stand out but haven't found your standing.

Here's what you probably don’t know: as a regular Nigerian guy or lady, finishing from secondary school, or A-levels, or IJMB, or looking to go for a Master’s Degree or Ph.D., you can use your WAEC, GCE, NECO, OND, HND, NCE or school transcripts (even 100 Level transcripts alone) just like you’d do locally here in Nigeria, to gain admission into universities in Europe.

European universities that are CHEAPER and BETTER than Nigerian universities.

Did I say “cheaper”?

Sorry, I mean FREE!

Yes, FREE universities—NO need to win any scholarship. Just apply (like you’d apply to OAU, Unilorin, UI, Uniport, Unilag, or LAUTECH, etc), gain admission, and then pack your bag and leave for Europe. Simple.

Why don’t many Nigerians do this already?

  1. Ignorance. Most people don’t even know this opportunity exist

  2. The few that know don’t know how to successfully apply to these FREE schools

So most people don’t even bother with this golden opportunity.

I don't want to bore you with stats, but let's take a quick look at what's happening in Nigeria today. Every year, tens of thousands of Nigerians leave this shores to study abroad. The numbers are rising, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Where do they go?

They opt for painfully EXPENSIVE schools!

According to World Education Service (New York) and UNESCO, they mostly go to expensive countries like the USA, UK, Malaysia and Canada.

The decision is smart, but the direction is BAD.

What I've provided you here is the RIGHT direction. The decision is always yours to make.

You don’t have to waste 3 to 10 Million Naira yearly. Especially when you can get a MORE reputable degree for FREE in some of the world’s most respected Universities in Europe.

World Education Service carried out a study on what applicants consider when applying to a university in the USA, here’s what they came up with…

People are bothered about…

  • Cost of education, cost of living and availability of scholarships

  • Fun things to do and nearness to major cities

  • School’s ranking and their research history

  • Job opportunities after school

They’re genuinely concerned, but they turn around and shoot themselves in the foot. They’d apply to the most expensive institutions, having little to NO scholarship opportunities, and with almost NO job opportunities to offer them.

North America and the UK are prohibitively expensive.

No matter how much scholarships, waivers, and cuts on fees you get (except you win a 100% scholarship, which is VERY rare), you’d still have to take up some expensive academic costs…

  • Out of every 100 applicants, nearly 60 are concerned about school fees. The solution for this is obvious—study abroad for FREE!

  • Of every 100 applicants, over 50 would love to get a scholarship to school (which due to the competitive nature of scholarships, most people do NOT get them). Again this is due to cost of study. Simply go to Europe and study for FREE.

  • Living cost is HIGH in America i.e. USA and Canada

  • You’ll get a job after school in Europe—that’s HARD in the USA, and NOT even encouraged at all in the UK. 

    Meanwhile, they ACTIVELY want you to stay back to work in certain well-paying European cities.

  • US schools are highly reputed, no doubt. So are these schools in Europe. They are ranked as part of the BEST 1% of universities in the world, and graduates of these schools work in companies like Daimler, BMW, Mercedes Benz and the others.

Yes, given the opportunities out there—abroad—you really should go and study abroad. But not with your life savings.

Here's why studying in Nigeria is a bad decision…

  1. Nigeria Has Very Few Universities.  

    Every year, according to World Education Services, a New York based research organization, about 1.7 Million Nigerians actually QUALIFY to enter school every year, but only 500 thousand people ACTUALLY enter school. Meaning that about 1.2 Million Nigerians are NOT in school because there are very few Universities.

    Just take a look at the table above. It's simply crazy! Look at the gap in the numbers between those that get into school and those that don't...

  2. Poor Quality of Education.

    Nigerians are very brilliant people. But with lecture halls holding over 1000 course students at a time, learning becomes impossible. It doesn’t stop there, an estimated 40 percent of university positions and 60 percent of polytechnic positions are currently unstaffed.

    Studying abroad, in schools that produced the likes of Albert Einstein, and continues to produce such powerful thought leaders, is your solution.

    Plus fact that school fees in these schools are dirt cheap!

  3. Your Chance of Getting a Good Job is Slim

    Earning a degree in Nigeria isn’t safe. A Nigerian graduate is UNLIKELY to be gainfully employed after school, locally in Nigeria. And the Nigerian degree certificate isn’t respected by employers abroad. Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

    Studying abroad solves BOTH problems—and I’ll show you how to get that solution, read on.

  4. It’s simply CHEAPER to Study Abroad Now!

    NO—I don’t mean England, and definitely NOT the USA. Forget about China, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya or anywhere else you’ve been used to… Europe is the golden destination! Especially if you want to study for FREE.

    I managed to get data on what one Nigerian private university charges UNDERGRADUATES... Take a look:
What a Nigerian private university charges UNDERGRADUATES...

This is school fees a lone. You haven't started talking of living expenses. And this particular school is actually in Abuja.

So living expenses isn't cheap!

Europe solves all these problems outlined above.

By studying in Europe you’ll enjoy…

This is Vienna, Austria. Europe is Beautiful!

a. Respect: You will earn a degree that’s respected all over the world

b. Well Paying Job: Be gainfully employed after school (they actually want you to stay and work after you graduate—and they pay well too)

c. World Class Education: You’ll get great education in a pleasant environment, doing your I.T with global brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, GlaxoSmithKlin, and other globally respected brands.

d. Limitless Choices: You have several universities to choose from, and you have several course choices too.

e. Lectures Hold In English

f. Fantastic Social Life: Europe is alive! No matter your definition of fun you can find them all here. Whether you love partying or not, you’ll find your match of fun. And English is widely spoken everywhere, so you can easily communicate with people anywhere you go.

g. ZERO School Fees: As I said earlier, it’s actually dirt cheap to study in Europe. School fees in Europe is ZERO… for certain universities.

It makes ALL the sense in the world to study in these FREE schools. Graduates from these schools work in places like Daimler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, top pharmaceutical companies like ProBioGen, the academia and other top organizations and companies in Europe, and other parts of the world.

Why Choose these FREE Schools Over Universities in the UK, USA and Others?

For 1 obvious reason—they’re fantastically FREE!

But there’s even MORE good news.

Studying abroad in select universities in Europe can quickly become the most rewarding thing you ever did. Following facts from University World News and The Telegraph UK, here’s why…

The Challenges with Gaining Admission into These FREE Universities

Some of the challenges I’ve heard people talk about and the solutions I regularly give them…

  1. Can I take lectures in English in these countries?


    You have more than 124 undergraduate programs taught in English. And even MORE postgraduate programs—A to V—from art to veterinary medicine.

    But hey, learning and speaking a foreign language fluently is a POWERFUL asset… jobs that pay as high as ₦1 Million Naira monthly (even more) await you if, in addition to your degree of choice, you speak languages like French, German, Arabic or Spanish. So this is a very nice way to learn a new international language, while still taking your normal academic lectures in ENGLISH.

    Moreover, English is widely spoken everywhere in these countries—on the streets, in restaurants, bars, bookshops, train stations, etc. English is very well spoken all over Europe.

    You’ll meet and make friends from the USA, UK, Ghana, South Africa and other English speaking countries. And if you’re adventurous, you may actually decide to take your normal academic classes in a foreign language, like German, or French or Spanish.

  2. What countries will I  be studying in?

    Talk of cities like Stuttgart, Hamburg,
    Frankfurt, Berlin... in Germany. Stavanger, Oslo, in Norway. Vienna, in Austria. Paris, in France. Bern, Zurich, in Switzerland. And that's just to mention a few. These are the cities you'd be studying in. They are the very epitome of modernity... in the heart of Europe.

  3. How do I gain admission into these universities?

    This is where even people who know about this opportunity FAIL.

    Application to these universities do NOT demand anything beyond your normal Nigerian academic qualifications and certificates, but WITHOUT a guide you’ll miss your way!

    Many people allow this opportunity to slip through their fingers because they have NO guide for the process.

  4. What are my chances of gaining admission to these schools?

    If your results are good... just like a good Nigerian result, you will gain admission to courses you qualify for. Of course, if your results are bad, then this isn't for you at all.

  5. Do I need to take any other examinations?

    The answer is NO and YES.

    No you don't need any examinations for admission if you are applying with  your 100 Level transcripts and upwards... like IJMB, NCE, HND, OND, BSc, BA, etc...

    Yes, you need to take an exam called Studenkolleg, if you're applying with your GCE/SSCE, it's a way of bridging your Nigerian secondary school experience with the European system. But once you pass your Studenkolleg, which is like "remedial" or "pre-degree" here in Nigeria, you're at once given your course of choice. No stories.

Studying in Europe has 2 parts. And we have solutions for EACH part.

  1. Gaining admissions:

    This is what the Study Abroad Guide does for you. It helps you gain admission to a University in Europe. All you have to do is follow the 11 Steps required.

  2. Funding your LIVING expenses:

    European embassies, before giving you student visa, demands that you have ready access to a minimum of €700 Euros monthly. And you must have the full 12 months ready. The money covers your accommodation, food, clothing and other basic living costs.

Now, you have 2 options here…

a. Pay for living expenses by yourself:

In which case you’ll fund your payments yourself. If you have the income source, this is the BEST way to go.

But what if you don’t have the money?


b. …Use our help:

To help you qualify for a student visa, we secured partnership with a Portfolio Investment firm.

You’ll set up an escrow account (i.e. an account that’s purposed for studying abroad ONLY). Which you’ll TOTALLY be in control of, and will be in your name.

Once you set up this account with ₦100,000 (one hundred thousand Naira) you will receive guidance on how to grow the accounts to the required 2.8Million Naira within 9 MONTHS, using compounding interests.

2.8 Million Naira is what European embassies demand that you have in your account. Without that money (for your upkeep while in Europe) you won’t be granted a student visa.

How to Get Financial Help for Visa Application

For most people—possibly for you too—getting a student visa is the hardest part.

We have solution.

For a limited time (JULY 2016 ONLY) on first-come-first-served bases ONLY, we’re offering you the opportunity to access the financial resources to make your education possible.

In case you don’t know, European embassies require you to prove that you have enough money for accommodation, food, clothing and other normal expenses. This financial proof is pegged at €700 Euros monthly. That is about €8,000 Euros or approximately 3.3 Million Naira yearly.

Most people can’t afford this money.

We’ll help you.

We negotiated a special partnership with a Portfolios Investment firm to finance for you. And this is how it works…

1.    Get the Study Abroad Guide from Live Beyond School THIS JULY. That’s the ONLY qualification for getting this benefit.

If you don’t get it now we can’t guarantee your entry afterwards! So be warned. No begging (we’ve had this happen many times)

2.    Open an escrow account. This is totally under your control (so NO ONE is taking money from you)

3.    Instead of raising the IMPOSSIBLE 2.8 Million Naira (which most people can’t even cuff-out), you’d simply fund the account with ₦100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira), which is managed under your supervision in an investment portfolio until maturity.

NO. You don’t need ₦100,000 now… until when we relaunch the ESCROW system. (get on the waiting list by buying the guide now... read on to find out HOW)

And as for security, your money will be backed by legal and financial securities, and will be under your control, 100%.

4.    Wait to a maturity of 9 months, and then use the proceeds of that Escrow Account to pay for your studies in Europe.

NEXT financing will be announced exclusively to Guide Users ONLY (so get the guide if this is something that interests you).

The earnings from this escrow account will cover for expenses such as…

  • Your living costs while in school (accommodation, food, clothing and other supplies)
  • Pay for visa and visa processing fees
  • Pay for your flight and travel arrangements
  • And generally cover for any financial need that might arise.

You’ll be denied visa if the embassy feels you’re incapable of taking care of yourself (even if you have the admission from your desired school). That’s why we’re making this opportunity open to you.

How to start?

Buy the guide and that qualifies you for the Escrow Account.

So why are We Helping You with the Money?

On a normal day, this Escrow Account isn’t open to the public. Even those that get in MUST hold a minimum of ₦5 million Naira in their account monthly to remain eligible. This is high-end, as you can see.

We have gone extra mile to secure this for you.

We know that most people can’t get the opportunity to these FREE schools because money for living in Europe isn’t cheap! Even though the schools are free.

This Escrow Account isn’t for everyone. In case you’re still wondering why we’re being so kind. Truth is that we’ll make money from the escrow system. BUT we’re solving your problems too.

If you have money to cover your living expenses, then this Escrow Account is NOT for you.

The Escrow Account is for people with limited means. And we’ve done our best to make this available on FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED ONLY… throughout the month of July.

Now, it’s yours to take it.

To take it?

Buy the guide—this opportunity is available ONLY for the guide users (or people who pay for one-on-one consultations) ONLY.

You can easily mess the application process up.

A guide is A MUST-HAVE if you'll have a chance at success.

Luckily for you there’s a step-by-step guide. With this guide you CAN NEVER go wrong. Some students have already enjoyed the benefits of this opportunity.

Here’s what one of them have to say...

Hi, my name is Folarin. My secondary school dream was to attend a University in the USA. My motivation got even stronger when 2 of my friends gained admission to study there.

However,I feared the cost and wondered if I'd secure a scholarship somehow. No scholarship came through for me. I also didn't want to keep sitting at home, so I took the only admission I'd gained in Nigeria... to study for an NCE certificate in the College of Education, Ilorin.

In the year 2014, I'd just finished my NCE and was considering what next to do. And then amidst conversations with my girlfriend, she mentioned this Study Abroad for FREE guide. At first I thought she was joking... I ignored the talk for a month or so.

On that evening FC Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0 in the UEFA Champions league match I was heartbroken, I really hoped Bayern won (my NairaBet fantasy was high). Amidst that unhappy circumstance, it came flashing back at me that my girlfriend had mentioned schooling for FREE in Europe. I hurried home that evening, called her up, and then quickly bought the Study Abroad guide (which, by the way, was dirt cheap compared to the value I got).

Following the guide step by step, I applied to the universities offering my intended courses of study. Right there, my NCE certificate turned out to be an asset. There was NO need for any other exams for me. So no extra examination costs to cover.

Within 4 months or so I'd received 3 admission letters to study courses of my choice (which Nigerian Universities had refused to give me) from 3 reputable Universities in 2 European countries.

I was like WOW! It felt like I was dreaming.

Today what can I say? ...a BIG, BIG thank you for the opportunity, buying that guide was the BEST investment I've ever made in my life.

I bought it because I really want to study abroad so when I read the first part of the guide which is free, it really gave me hope then i bought the full guide and i saw that it's straight forward

Ebenezer Sunday (Egbeda, Lagos)

Thanks for yesterday. I bought [the Study Abroad Guide] bcoz I read about tuition free schools. I have looked through it carefully. I think I can do something with it. I want to take a bold steps to do it now.

Mr. Saheed Adesanya (Keystone Bank, Ekiti State)


BENEFITS you'll enjoy…

  1. Gain admission and go off to study abroad for FREE without need to compete for scholarships, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE—none is needed. Admission is gained.

  2. WITHOUT needing anything more than your WASSC, GCE, NCE, OND, HND, IJMB, or University transcripts (even if all you did was to finish 100 Level or you dropped out of school at any level). And for masters, all you’ll need is your Bachelor’s degree certificate.

  3. You’ll discover the ONE thing that most Nigerians get wrong when applying to these Universities, and then lose their chance of admission and how to fix it.

  4. Apply to an unlimited number of universities—and have universities competing to grant you admission, NOT you competing to gain admission.

  5. Get the exact process for sending your transcripts and documents to 10 or more universities of your choice, at once. This alone saves you over ₦21,300 in freight cost... only, not to factor in other costs.

  6. How to successfully hasten your admission process by applying to these universities even before you graduate school.

  7. Know the exact documents to send and the exact order to send them.

  8. You’ll have the emails and phone numbers of the exact offices and people to call for inquiries, help and local guidance.

  9. Get student jobs that earns you up to ₦100,000 Naira Monthly (or more).

  10. You’ll get the exact step-by-step guide for admission, travel arrangement and settling down, and you’ll also be able to contact us if you ever need to do that.

  11. The type of student VISA to apply for, how to apply for it, the email to send your application to and what you must do if your VISA application will be successful (plus you’ll get personal VISA procurement assistance from us)

What's The Study Abroad Guide?

The study abroad guide is a an online portal that you can ONLY access with your password.

  • The guide is a Members-Only Online Portal that has ALL the information and resources you need to Study in Europe for FREE.

    Secondly the guide grants you access to a database of universities that are FREE in Europe, and that offer your desired course of study. The guide also shows you how to use that database easily.

  • Once you purchase the guide you’ll be given a link to the Portal and also your access password.

  • The guide helps you ace the processes of admission, travel arrangements and settling down (including accommodation). These are areas where most people stumble and fall. You can expect to see a thorough STEP BY STEP process in EACH of these areas.

Once you demand for the guide you'll receive a password in your email that you'd use to login and begin using the guide. And EVERY time you want to login to the digital resource all you need to do is come to this website, go to the login page, enter your password and access your portal.

It's that simple.

What's In the Study Abroad Guide?

Like it's already pointed out here, you'll get STEP-BY-STEP information on...

  1. Discovering the EXACT universities to apply to for your desired course
  2. How to apply
  3. When to apply
  4. How to process your admission
  5. What certificates and documents to submit, and in what ORDER to submit them (the order matters)
  6. How to apply for visa
  7. How to prepare for your Visa interview
  8. What to do to avoid your visa being withdrawn from you after you've received it
  9. Booking your flight,
  10. Arrival and settling down

The whole application processing takes about 4 months. You have the August and January admission periods. Your application has to be done on time to meet crucial deadlines.

This guides shows you how to mark and manage deadlines. Deadlines are important because late submissions are NOT acknowledged.

This guide takes you from ZERO (even if you’re absolutely new to applying to schools abroad), through examinations you’ll need to take, on to your admission processing, and to your visa application, until you actually arrive school.

In short, this is EVERYTHING you need to know and do to study for FREE (and it's CONSTANTLY being updated).


...into the Guide.


Sure! You can…

…or would you rather skip “peeping into the pie that you’d later open” and simply click here to HAVE THE PIE.

If you insist on “peeping into the pie”, here’s your login and password:

  1. Login page: Click here

  2. Use this password: test

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