Sound of Happiness Video Contest – Win €500

Deadlines: January 09, 2016


First round winner from public votes wins €100

Second round winner from jury votes wins €400


In this contest you're challenged you to participate with a video or audio file of yourself where you are sounding happy. They would like to see you exalted after a big win or achievement.

Your favorite team scored the most important goal? Record it!

You're celebrating something?

You got married? Record it!

They would like to see and spread the Sound of Happiness and you guys are going to help them! The winner from the 1st round - public vote will be paid 100 Euro for the media. The jury will vote in the 2nd round and the winner will get 400 Euro.


  • You must be the owner of the copyright for the media file

  • This contest is FREE to enter

  • You must participate with a good quality media file

  • You must be 14+ years old to participate in a concert

  • You must provide your real names, telephone number, email address, age, job position and country of residence into your Voubs profile (configured from profile settings)

  • Every user may participate with as many entries as he or she wants to


For more information and for application, please visit the Voubs website here.

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