How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!

Shopping search engines to the rescue! Just in case you ever come across any of these two very annoying situations...

How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!
  1. Content that’s packed with value, with actionable advice and could potentially make you a ton of cash – if not that it’s outdated. The material is stuck in the past, and you have no idea whether the advise might actually work in today's world.


  2. A product, service, program or solution of sort that… well, would have been nice to enjoy, but it’s simply overpriced and backed with LOTS of salesmanship to make you part with your hard-earned money…

…This article should come handy.

Treating the first BS: Valuable in an "Expired Content"

Now, ever read a great article, found insightful advice, only to discover on clicking a link in that article that the solutions proffered are no longer available? Well, as you might have guessed, I’ve been there and back a dozen times over. A service, for example, was recommended in an article I read days ago. I thought to myself, “Wow, here’s gold!” I was all pumped up to act when suddenly I discovered that the service has been shut down!

My heart sank. The joy of finding that article dwindled immediately, to say the least.

The number one challenge with evergreen content is CHANGE. The green eventually fades – time changes everything.

Things change. People change. Times change.

Only change is constant, and for you to keep getting evergreen value from an article written years ago, you may at times have to “water” the content yourself to keep it green.

How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!

Here are suggestions on what to do should you ever come across an expired offer or recommendation that you’d, otherwise, have taken. Once you figure that an opportunity or offer or whatever you’d have participated in is already outdated/expired… Search online for CREDIBLE Alternatives.

You can also use these tactics for finding alternatives to anything. So it’s not just for passed opportunities or missed chances.

Finding better alternatives…

1. Search Engines: An obvious option is Google or Bing or whatever search engine you enjoy using. You can simply type into the search box “OFFER YOU MISSED alternatives”, for example “MyBlogGuest alternatives” – without the quotes.

Please note that MyBlogGuest is an existing service. So you can do this kind of search even for existing services – just as you can do them for dead-and-gone offers.

Here’s an example of what I came up with when I did this search on Google…

How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!

2. Quora: Use to ask questions on finding alternatives to this. Preferably you look for existing questions or answers around thi9s and ask if you may find alternatives. You should generally get an answer on this within days or so.

How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!

3. Yahoo! Answers: Just about the same way as You ask questions and wait for answers.

How Shopping Search Engines May Rescue You from Hell!

4. Blogs: Use search engines to find blogs that might have written articles on this topic. Two possibilities exist here, first possibility is that the author may have written an article sharing an alternative solution already. Second alternative is that you leave a comment telling the author that the offer is no longer available or have been modified, and then inviting him/her to share an alternative solution. Do remember to use the follow-comments function in the comments area of the blog, that way you can keep tabs on comments updates via your email.

Hope that helps you get solutions on what you’re seeking for. For now, that’s it.

5. Forums: Just like blogs, use search engines to find forums that have written articles on this topic or offer. The community may already have already started talking about an alternative solution you may use.

Treating the Second BS: Overpriced Value

Be careful here – very careful… I mean, very, very careful.
I say “be careful” because there is a difference between…

  • not having money for something that’s justifiably high priced, and

  • not having money to throw away in an overpriced scheme or solution.

There are things you won’t find any really fitting alternatives for no matter how hard you try... the vendor has the monopoly, and that’s it. But some things are not worth it – they don't deserve all that wad…

Any of the five approaches used for the Expired Content above may work here as well. But for good measure here are even more fitting options – especially for shopping…

  1. Talking about shopping search engines without mentioning Amazon is like leaving a horny gal hanging. Duh. So YES! Amazon is part of it…

  2. Use Google Shopping Search Engine (



  5. Comparative Shopping Search Engines: Shopping search engines like these aren’t as commonly used as Google and Bing search engines for online searches. The upside though is that they can be extremely helpful for finding deals that would otherwise be lost in the information mix that follows a regular Google or Bing search...

    These comparative shopping search engines are pretty useful. I have used only but a few of them, but my findings revealed that they all have good reputation, although, I’ll implore you to do your due diligence…








Final Words on Enjoying Shopping Search Engines

I want to believe that with these options you can’t go wrong. So never miss an opportunity ever again, and never make bad purchase decisions ever again!

But who knows it all?

I sure don’t!

So if you find anything interesting and want to add to this list, please do… the box below is ALL yours!

I’ll be glad to hear from you… what worked for you, what didn’t work, what surprised you, and what went awry.

If you’ve used any of the shopping search engines or websites above, please I want to hear from you, share your opinion with me… use the contact form.

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