The Ultimate School-Abroad Guide (FREE)

The ultimate school-abroad guide helps you make all the tough academic life decisions, whether you choose to leave or live in your hometown... for school.

Consider this guide my special invitation to you.

Come and...

  • Shave off months (even years) of painful struggles, and incredibly complex processes.

    Paul and I will take you STEP-BY-STEP and be your ever-present buddies all the way to the end.

Just like in financial investing, you can lose money investing in your education...

Winners consult with guides before investing.

Losers don't.

You don't have to be a loser.

  • Avoid irreversible mistakes in your bid to school abroad

    High tuition
    fees does NOT equal High value.

    Why pay hard earned money to a school that's barely worth it?

    Wouldn't you rather enjoy incredibly cheap offers from world-reputed institutions?

    Let me help you discover great DEALS that pay you BIG BUCKS... plus the command of power and respect, you bag with it.

    Did I mention that some cities are best for some courses?
    And that some organizations would happily hand you money to start up your business just because you schooled in particular cities or institutions, or studied particular courses?

    What of organizations that pay you to drop out of school.
    .. provided you're dropping out from a particular kind of school in particular cities/countries?

    We can help you discover and enjoy them all.
  • Get into schools that PROFIT you, NOT in-debt you

    The NUMBER 1 cause of debt in certain countries
    today (the USA, for example) is unpaid College fees. Apart from tuition and regular school fees, students graduate college with credit card debt.

    Well... you don't have to let your life go that way.

    There are FAR better options. HIGHLY profitable options. And we can show you quite a number of them.

We worked our butts off to make sure you have the very BEST. You should...

Expect these Benefits...

  • Getting HIGH Return-On-Investment on your academics (and where BEST to get it).

    If, as they say, Education is the best investment you can make in yourself, then you had better be investing intelligently.

    Just like in the financial world, you can lose money investing in your education... and there are usually more losers than gainers.

    Winners consult with guides before investing. Losers don't.

    You don't have to be a loser.

  • Finding the BEST schools and cities that match your interests and career goals...

    Not all schools are great for Entrepreneurs. Some cities offer greater opportunities than others, and business professionals thrive best in some other cities/institutions than others.

    You get it?

    We'll help you find your tribe and connect you to kindred spirits.

  • Successfully applying to schools and getting accepted

  • Finding scholarships that easily fit your situation and qualifications

  • Discovering where entrepreneurs thrive (and possible income making opportunities you can kick-start right from your first year in school)

  • Having a blast while in college... starting from DAY 1

  • And of course, many OTHER benefits...

This is going to be exciting for you. I promise.

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School-Abroad Guidance

Schooling abroad can be very challenging. Paul knows this firsthand. You can shave off months (even years) of painful struggles and avoid irreversible mistakes using our valuable brains here at Live Beyond School.

I can't even begin telling you of the horrors, painful ordeals, struggles and troubles young people face in the name of trying to school abroad.

NO, you don't have to get a degree with your blood, sweat and tears... especially because we are here for you.

Among many others, some of your huddles will include...

  • Sitting for and passing your entrance (and other) examinations

  • Choosing schools that worth your academic investments

  • Taking care of funding, scholarship and tuition fees

  • Sorting and sending required documentations and having them reviewed by institutions you are applying to

  • Knowing what to do and NOT to do before gaining admission.

  • Keeping touch with your prospective institutions until you gain admission.

    Who and who to talk to or NOT to talk to, if you want faster response and answers. And how to improve your chances of being accepted into your desired institutions even if your grades (and finances) are NOT all that awesome.

    And what to do about poor finances, if it's a challenge for you.

  • What next to do having gained admission. And what NOT to do.

  • Arranging for and getting accommodation that matche your academic and lifestyle goals

  • Getting to and getting to know your campus. What first steps to take on arrival to campus that instantaneously opens opportunities for you and puts you at advantage with getting what you want from that school. And, of course, what to totally avoid... or do less of.

  • Preparing for school life, lectures and the years to come

  • How to have your academics start paying for itself and to really pay you BIG... even before school days are over.

  • Living Beyond School: How to REALLY have the life of your dreams when school days are over... as fast as school days are over.

Now that's where we come in.

We'll give you the wings to fly across these huddles almost effortlessly... Like the four-chariot of The Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Germany). Image below...

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Putting Our Valuable Brains to WORK for You...

Here's a step-by-step process we use for helping you achieve your dream of schooling abroad...

  1. Schedule a FREE initial appointment: You'll simply indicate interest in Live Beyond School's School-Abroad Guidance Program by filling the form BELOW, and choosing your most available dates for a brief Skype chat with us... we'll call you, me or Paul.

    This chat meeting is FREE.

    And will hold over Skype video/audio or text... depending on your internet speed and preferences.

    We simply want to know your needs and get a feel of what your goals are, and then IF NECESSARY, we'll fix a second appointment where we'd start diving into answering your questions and providing solutions that's tailor made for you.

    The space of time between the first and second call puts you at advantage.

    In that second call we want to make sure that your questions are THOROUGHLY answered and that we provide you tailor-made solutions you won't find any where else.

  2. Appointment Confirmation: Once you have fixed an appointment for that initial Skype chat I'll get back to you to confirm your date.

    I'll send you an email with the title "School-Abroad Chat Confirmation".

  3. Standard Appointment: Appointment holds as you'd scheduled and a follow up appointment (Premium Appointment) is scheduled, if necessary.

  4. Premium Appointment (Optional): This session is for $210 USD. It's expected to last a maximum time period of 4 hours. If after 4 hours of attending to your needs we are not able to cover all your concerns we'll use email follow up to conclude on your session.

    Having concluded on your session, if you DO NOT get a visa from the embassy to study abroad, then we'll review for what you did wrong (for FREE) and we'll see how we can help you get a better ground next time.

    The goal here is to work with you until you actually get your desired result.

    So the Premium Appointment is our pledges to making sure you succeed, NO MATTER WHAT.

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