Remi Animashaun: Your Research Assistant

Hello buddy... Yup, I'm Remi Animashaun.

Call me Remi if you would.

My job here is to help get the facts that lubricate the wheels of your Live Beyond School experience. As you might have guessed that's a heck of work and, yes, gets daunting at times.

But  hey, I completely love it when you feel good because of those unseen efforts I make.

How Exactly Do I Help Here?

You might be wondering what these "secret agency" jobs I do might be...

OK. They are not exactly secret, just that they don't come up when you search in Google :)

I'm the lil' information elf here.

  • I conduct surveys,and collect data via credible sources to get a feel of what might be best for you, online and offline... on and off campuses.

  • Prepare interview questions, whenever necessary

  • I handle literature reviews

  • For projects we run here I also manage and respond to project related email. For example we're working on software that helps you learn difficult academic courses in a breeze
  • I also prepare, maintain, and update website resources... ready for final editing and upload to Live Beyond School.

  • I organize, attend to and preside over project meetings here.

  • For events, I attend and document seminars and other events for Live Beyond School, as necessary. Or I outsource it.

  • Of course, I'm responsible for providing ready access to all experimental data for the Live Beyond School team.

  • And a host of other things I think might bore you to tears, if I continue the lsit... yes, I do the boring works so that you can have the fun.

And by the way I wholeheartedly enjoy what you might call boring. They excite me.

In case you want to keep touch with me simply leave your message here and I'll get right back to you.

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