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I have some good news!
March 26, 2017



Actaully I have good news and bad news. The good news first... I have TWO good news:

1. If you're good with Adobe Creative Suite and you love expressing yourself in a pleasantly creative way, please go to Packlane's Website (click here), they are hiring and you can work from ANYWHERE, plus you get paid in US Dollars (and paid well too).

2. I'll be sending you HOT and instantly accessible opportunities DAILY. So you can start working online ASAP, depending on the skills and abilities you have developed already. And, sometimes, these opportunities may be dependent up on your location (state, country or continent)...

...So note that opportunities may NOT always be a fit for you, BUT I'll ensure that I bring what fits as many people on Live Beyond School as possible. In other words, you'll eventually find your opportunity if you keep checking my emails DAILY.

Note that these are DAILY opportunities. So they are HOT and fresh... you'll have to check in here daily so that you don't miss your own opportunity. And this is ALWAYS free! No games. No crap. No strings. No gimmicks.

Now for the bad news, although it's good news in a way...

You may already know from my previous emails last week that I'm working on launching Extra Cash 1.0 for FREE (see last 2 eamils from me before this one). However, due to the level of detail and hard work required to release Extra Cash 1.0, I'll have to be up front with you... it'll take weeks to eventually launch it out for you to use, I'm looking at about 16 weeks (or more) to complete the project. I REALLY want stuff that works for you, not crap that annoys you, and that means PLENTY of work will have to go into building this program for you.

In the mean time, please make sure that you stay tuned in DAILY for new opportunities as I send them out to you. DON'T miss your opportunities...

AND help your friends too, if you find opportunities that aren't necessarily your fit but you know someone who may benefit, forward my emails to them, and let them benefit too.

Kind regards,

Nicholas from



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