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Your Results: Here's What Everyone Thinks :)
March 16, 2017

Following the last email I sent you, LOTS and LOTS of people replied. First of all, I'm grateful, THANK YOU!  laughing

Just in case you didn't see the last email, Extra Cash is a FREE program I'm launching to help you start earning money online instantly or nearly instantly (as I've done myself). So I had asked interested persons to fill a short survey (see the survey here), and after I collated the answers here's what we arrived at:

1. Work at Home Jobs with Benefits (General) 16%
2. Education and Teaching 11.2%
3. Pay Per Task Sites 9.6%
4. Administrative and Clerical 7%
5. Writing/Blogging/Editing 7%
6. Human Resources 6.4%
7. Mystery Shopping 6.4%
8. Miscellaneous 4.8%
9. Website Reviewers 4.8%
10. Artistic 3.7%
11. Crafting and Handiwork 3.7%
12. Healthcare and Medical 3.2%
13 Translations and Linguistics 3.2%
14. Accounting and Financials 2.7%
15. Notaries (Mobile) 2.7%
16. Non-Profits 2.1%
17. Legal 1.6%
18. Technical and Web 1.6%
19. Courthouse Researcher 1.1%
20 Medical Transcription and Coding 1.1%

The rest of the categories I listed received a total of about 3% interest. They are:
21. Call Center & Customer Service
22. Transcription (Non-medical)
23. Surveys – Paid

A lot of respondents also sent me interest areas I didn't include in this list initially. So I have taken note of them.

Well, I'd love to assure you that you can always reach out to me via WhatApp or email (use the contact form here to send me an email) if you have questions, comments or suggestion. Here's what I'm thinking:

1. I'll create and release guides on each of these categories you've shown interest in, one after the other. I'll start from those with the most interest to

those with the least interest. For each of these resources I'll include:
- List of CREDIBLE (and tested) places and websites where the jobs for that category is availed for FREE.
- Case studies of people who are succeeding with these jobs and how they are succeeding
- List of tools you need to get these jobs done
- Any other resources I find useful for you.

2. To make sure that I'm providing you with as much value as possible, I'll conduct another survey to include those new areas of interest that you individually mentioned in the last survey. The new survey will ascertain the weight of interest on those new topics because I want you getting the BEST results here. I actually want you to make money using these FREE guides I'll be releasing... that's the GOAL.

3. I'll eventually release a THOROUGH roadmap that helps you go step by step until you are earning, at least, $5,000 monthly online, WITHOUT working all the time -- in fact, without working MOST of the time. You may even decide to quit your job (but that's totally up to you, depending on your personal interests and goals).

Now, I definitely want your feedback. Please reach out via WhatsApp (+234 816 777 9197), or use the contact form to send me an email. Due to the high volume

of emails and messages I get daily, it's hard to always respond on immediately or quickly to your messages (inasmuch as this is what I'd rather do, and I usually do that whenever I have the opportunity to), I'llreally  need you to patiently wait 48 hours before sending me a follow-up message. I'll DEFINITELY reply your messages. Please DO NOT call, especially because calls aren't helpful for me.

Talk to you soon!

Nicholas from Live Beyond School




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