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The Money You are NOT Earning
February 25, 2016

Hope you had a pleasant day?
The FOREX program is HOT now. Catch the detail on
Registrants have made money, and are getting ready for the next trade. Here's what our latest trade reports look like:
EUR/CAD (with 1 of the 2 trades) (Profits made)
GBP/CAD (Profits made)
USD/CHF (Profits made)
Total Profits USD  ($)
$6300+ $2000+ $9830
These trades didn't occur at the same time... they occurred one after the other... so your account would not have been at risk if you took all 3 trades. These are just the last 3 trades between 18th Feb 2016 and 23rd of Feb 2016.
We haven't lost a trade this year! And we know it can go on that way for the rest of the year, and beyond!
See our trade report for the last 3 months here. We have a near flawless record, wining 16 out of 17 trades, (and that's apart from the last 3 up here). If you add the last 3 trades we'd have won  19 out of 20 trades.
We have traders subscribed to our program who've never lost a trade since the last 8 months.
To subscribe to the program click HERE.
If you feel hesitant, please I'd like to know what's keeping you back from joining us. Cheers!
Talk soon,

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