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The Money You're Leaving on the Table
March 12, 2016

The Money You're Leaving on the Table

In case you haven't joined us yet, the FOREX program has been fantastic.

One of our members shared his earnings with us and we thought to share it with you (with his consent of course).

The Yellow ring reflects his earnings from last week ALONE. He earned £534.50 British Pounds, £755.58 British Pounds, and £72.93 British Pounds (on a bonus trade). That's £1,363.01 British Pounds total for this past week.

In the last 2 weeks he's earned a total of £2,794.04 British Pounds. This is represented in the red ring. (If your screen is small, please use the scroll bar below to view the whole of this trade report and to see the YELLOW and RED rings I mentioned.)


Report for Live Beyond School

You can achieve the same, and even better results, with our system.

3 Interesting facts about our system:

  1. We have won all 23 trades we entered for this year. Click here to see our verified reports from MyFxBook (a 3rd party verification service that shows you trades streamed STRAIGHT from our trading account)

  2. In less than 3 months we have achieved a trading performace that's nearly 3 times better than what top traders are doing on MyFXBook. Our result yeiled 160.53% Profits on average so far, while top performer average is at 53%. We are over 107% above average top performers.

  3. This door won't always be open. Once we reach a given number we'll close our doors. We won't allow anyone in anymore. This makes sure we consistently produce the results we love.

The Money You Left On the Table...

If you had been a part of our trades, these are the possibilies you'd have enjoyed... if you had a capital of $2000 USD, you'd earn $800; 5k earns you 2k, and so on. See the table below...

Capital ($) GBPCAD GBPJPY Total ($)
2000 400 400 800
5000 1000 1000 2000
10,000 2000 2000 4000


How You Too Can Earn Now

If you'd rather be earning now, please use this link. It's 100% FREE to get started. After you've tested it and earned some money, and then you decide to continue earning  you're welcome to continue doing so.

You really shouldn't be leaving money on the table...

Click here to start NOW!

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