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Are you still interested?
April 05, 2017

You may have noticed that I haven't sent you any daily opportunities as I'd promised you since about a week ago. Since I started sending out opportunities I have had mixed reactions from subscribers of LiveBeyondSchool. Some people liked it, and have benefited already (some even sent me thank-you messages and notes); some other people quite didn't like that they were getting MOSTLY opportunities that they couldn't take... I get the feelings.

So I decided to stop. Think. And possibly come up with a better solution.

Right now I've resolved to sending opportunities to you ONLY if you are interested in getting them.

If you're interested in receiving daily opportunities as I've explained in past emails I sent you (see here), simply reply to this email. If enough people show interest I'll create a closed Facebook group to share these opportunities with you there.

Now, reply to this email if you're interested.





(Note: If you're wondering why you got this email, you subscribed to get one of the following: Opportunity Call or Online Jobs Hack, or Newsletter. If you'd rather I didn't email you, you can unsubscribe below, I'll admit though that it'll hurt my feelings. I'm a delicate little rosebud. :-)

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