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Online Jobs Hack, Issue #001 -- Your Opportunity: Apple At Home Advisors
April 08, 2015
Hello! Apple and GigWalk Have Jobs for You...

Apple At Home Advisors - Apple continues to recruit in cities nationally*

*At the Apple site, you'll see that jobs are listed by city. However, Apple includes this note in the job text: "We can consider candidates from cities across the US - you do not need to live in the city this is posted in to be considered."

(Excerpted from job lead)

What is an AppleCare At Home Advisor?

Apple's customer support group, known as AppleCare, has a long-standing record of providing the world's best customer support in the industry. The AppleCare At Home Advisor is an opportunity to be part of this exciting team, and best of all, you'll work from home.

What kind of work would I do?

As part of the AppleCare team, you would be responsible for providing world-class technical support for Apple's products and accessories, from software to hardware.

What are some of the specific products I would support?

Some of the products AppleCare supports are iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, AirPort, and Apple TV.

If selected, would I be employed by Apple?

Yes. AppleCare Advisors are Apple corporate employees.

What kinds of hours would I be expected to work?

You would be expected to work during normal AppleCare support hours. Shifts vary based on business needs. Additional hours may be required during holidays, peak business hours, training, and acclimation.

How much would I be paid?

Salaries are competitive and will be discussed during the recruitment process.

Does Apple provide benefits?

Yes. Apple provides benefits for both part-time and full-time employees. CLICK HERE APPLY

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(Excerpted from website)

Get paid to do tasks like noting the price of milk at a local grocery store, giving feedback on a new consumer product, or doing a mystery shop at a local retail chain. CLICK HERE START

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