Introducing Nicholas Godwin

Hi buddy, I'm Nicholas Godwin and I'll be your friend and guide here on Live Beyond School.

Nicholas Godwin is a world-class Web Content ProfessionalThat's Me Smiling. Please smile back...

I have been running internet businesses — full time — since 2009. I have made, gained and lost money, and have lots of friends and  invaluable experiences in this field.

I'm a web content professional and have written and created contents for organizations' and individuals' websites and digital/hard copy magazines in the USA, Nigeria, Kenya and Australia. I have also trained other web content professionals.

For me, social media is not a convincing way to connect, so I don't do much of it. But you may find me on and Twitter @donglitzie. Apparently you'll see I have very little following on twitter, but I enjoy being followed by people I deeply adore like Rachelle Fordyce (of, Karol K ( of and my other sweethearts there. Not that I don't like being followed, I just haven't done much in that respect... yet.

Stuff Nicholas Godwin Enjoys Doing

I enjoy traveling and hope to do more of that this year 2015, going forward. I have friends scattered across the globe — Tunisia, USA, UK, UAE, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Cyprus, Nigeria, Canada... I'm sure I'd be missing one or two places out already. But you get. I kind of have a thousand and one reasons to become a globetrotter soon. Since working as a Web Content Professional gives me great control, flexibility and time, you probably will understand why I love this job like heaven.

I love Traveling...
In-flight food... Until I became vegan

At Westgate Mall, Westlands, Nairobi... before its fall. The only place I've been to that's been brought down by a terrorist attack

My purpose in life, as a person – as Nicholas Godwin  is to ultimately help our planet become a friendlier place, by actively encouraging and building ONLY what works for today and always. Or what geeky people may call ‘sustainable systems’ — making it possible for us all to connect with heartfelt laughter, friendly smiles, authentic and nonjudgmental discussions, while intelligently caring for our environment too. In putting this to practice, I opted to become vegan, and a moderate naturist. What hit me was on realizing the damage that not being vegan was causing my health and my environment. And then people my friends and I love are vegan too... Bill Clinton, Rachelle Fordyce, Steve Pavlina and a host of them.

Connecting with Opportunities

You are free to connect with me here and beyond these web pages. If I happen to be in your city and you want us to meet in person, great! I live much like a nomad... So I may call a place home today and another place home tomorrow. But I enjoy Nigeria... Yes, fraught with unique challenges, but untapped, and huge potentials abound there too.

Both opportunities I've enjoyed and lessons learned over the years have all culminated into Live Beyond School. A key takeaway from the site is that you can't go wrong if you really use it. I don't dump information on you and expect you to sort them out yourself. You'll be enjoying well researched, carefully investigated, and neatly presented opportunities... To support your forward movement in your career and online business interests, and even a bit beyond those.

What else can I say? Only thing that comes to mind is HAVE FUN!

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