Meeting In Person

For obvious reasons, meeting in person isn't something that might happen ever so often. You have purpose to realize and... well, money to be made — so do I.

Nicholas Godwin | LiveBeyondSchool.comWith my 2nd Born Nephew

Now, if we ever get around to meeting in person, here are a few things to keep in mind...

1. There's NO Ice to Break: Hug me right away! Or I'll do it. So you don't need to start off being shy and working your way into my comfort zone. You're there already.

2.  Ask any Questions...: So long it's NOT about Online Jobs. All other topics are welcome. I encourage us to get up-close and personal. Know me for a human being that I am — just like you. Let's be friends.

3. You're Perfectly Beautiful: Yes, dress and scent nicely, but don't be too self conscious. Be as authentic as you can be. I don't care if you're broke or rich, so long your head isn't stuck in the situation.

Nicholas Godwin | LiveBeyondSchool.comAt Home with Joe Drums
Nicholas Godwin | LiveBeyondSchool.comWith Dan & Josh
Nicholas Godwin | LiveBeyondSchool.comWith my 1st Born Nephew
Nicholas Godwin | LiveBeyondSchool.comWith my 1st Born Nephew in Nairobi

I enjoy times with my friends... and I love THEM. We could be friends too!

4. Show Some Love: A tiny gift is worth something, and very large gifts are welcome too. Bring something to share — you can trust I'll do the same.

5. Bring Yourself: Before your mind conjures up those sleazy images, what I mean here is that you bring your art, writing, drawing or handy work, invention, or something that you do — a sample for me to see. Show me your creative self.

6. Come with a Photograph or Transferable Image of You: I want to have your picture sticking around... Memories are precious. So help me keep them.

7. Tell Me About Your Childhood...: This is important to me, please make it as detailed and deep as possible. I'm asking you upfront so that you'll come ready.

8. Be Ready to Eat: Quite simply, I like good food... And it's usually best shared with a friend. No isn't an answer,it's OK we don't see instead. And by the way, it's healthy vegan food, so you'll live it.

What I Won't Entertain

A few things don't get a warm welcome from me. Here you have them...

1. Don't try to convert me into your religion or beliefs. Share your opinion freely, but don't push it.

2. Don't lie to me

3. If you're going to be distracted by anything at all, let's fix for a more appropriate time.

4. Be genuinely happy or just don't show up. I don't entertain victims.

5. Don't say something, while intending something else. Go straight to the point — I'm extremely open minded. I can't be offended by words, especially well meaning words. Don't worry if they don't come out well, just say them anyway.

6. Don't invite me to join your Network Marketing company. I'm not into that.

7. If you're coming with company, please let me know ahead of time. Make that WAY ahead of time — like in 3 days before we meet for fixtures that fit that time frame, or at least 24 hours before we meet, for shorter time frames.

OK... That's it. So, want to still meet in person?

Then hit me up a message from the contact form. I'll get back to you in as fast as 12 or less hours.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the opportunities here until then.

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