Maypole Fund Grant for Women, win up to £750

Deadlines: January 31, 2016 and June 30, 2016


10 to 12 initiatives will each win up to £750


The Maypole Fund: Money from Women for Women

Do you have an imaginative project for peace with justice, anti-militarism and action against male violence, nuclear issues and environmental safety, women's social and political autonomy?

Maypole may be able to help with a grant of up to £750, for each winning project.


Your application must be for a project which falls within Maypole Fund's AIM/S and fulfill one or more of their CRITERIA. Maypole Fund is especially looking for imaginative, non-violent and politically expressive projects. They welcome applications from women for projects and activities that meet the following aims of The Maypole Fund:

  • Peace initiatives, disarmament and action against the arms trade;
  • Anti-militarism and action against male violence;
  • Nuclear issues;
  • Environmental issues;
  • The promotion of women’s social and political autonomy throughout the world;
  • International, national and/or regional networking between women for the above purposes.

Maypole Fund Grants have chosen the following CRITERIA to help us decide between applications: Prioritizes small women’s groups and individual women over larger and more established women’s groups or organizations.

  • Gives precedence to projects by individual women or women’s groups over women’s initiatives within mixed groups of women and men
  • Prefers specific one-off projects and projects not yet started to projects already started or completed
  • Particularly welcomes applications from women who do not have access to other sources of money or whose projects find it difficult to attract funding elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: Maypole Fund do not make contributions to general funding, and we do not give grants for individual women living in the global North to attend courses/conferences or to travel for personal interest. They can support women's refugees and survivor support groups only where they submit a specific project that clearly aims to counter male violence. They do not fund projects run by both women and men. They are unable to reply to any UK applications without a stamped addressed envelope.


You may apply here.

The Maypole Fund website is here.

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