Live Beyond School Team

 All great things are products of teams. We are no exception. The Live Beyond School Team makes the miracle here happen.

Everything beautiful is a product of many efforts. In this room, the effort comes from the Live Beyond School Team.

I love the way some one defines TEAM...

Together Each Achieve More.

We want to BOTH achieve more for you and for everyone who has some good purpose for interacting with this web resource...

...So? Meet us!

Paul Ige Adeyanju

Paul is a versatile and exciting person in so many beautiful ways. He loves helping people (as you can see him doing in this picture). His insights, drawn from both personal experiences and his versed knowledge, will be immensely useful to you as you explore this web resource. So enjoy...

He resides in Oklahoma, USA

Meet Paul here

Remi Animashaun

Hi, I'm Remi Animashaun, probably one of the most dynamic and people-loving person you'll ever know!

Remi Is from Lagos, Nigeria.

See How Remi Helps You Here

Nicholas Godwin

I came up with this idea... but would probably never have seen it come to life without the immense support everyone in this team puts in, both in supporting me as a person and in contributing to the  success of this web resource.

I've lived in way too many places per time...

OK, at the moment I live in Nigeria.

Get to know me a little more here

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