How to Use the MT4 Platform

Here’s how to use the MT4 platform – the meta trader 4 is the money making (or money losing) engine of FOREX trading… depending on how you know to use it. Live Beyond School makes it the former!

How to Open an Account and Download the MT4 Platform

  1. Log in to the website of the broker of your choice or use our suggested broker (Get FREE capital OF $30)

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  2. Click on open an account tab. Select a minimum of Mini account type or Standard Account if you're using our broker. Please, NOT a trial or demo account, but a live trading account.

  3. Fill the form and follow the steps. When selecting leverage, select the highest leverage your broker is offering. For instance, the highest leverage in Exness is 1: 2000, and our broker is 1:888.

  4. When your registration is completed, click on download and install trading terminal.

    If u get confused at any point during the process, simply click on LIVE CHAT or TECHNICAL SUPPORT to talk to a customer service personnel directly from the broker company... always use this as often as you need to.

Once you have downloaded the platform, you may go on to the next step.

OK, we got you covered... if you're new to FOREX. Here's a video primer to help you get up to date, quickly...

How Use the MT4 Platform to Trade Our FOREX Signals

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the MT4 platform to trade the FOREX market.

1. This is what your NEW platform should look like once downloaded, installed and opened...

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

2. How to Login into Your Account

Click on the file tab (shown in figure above; In orange-color circle). Select “login to trade account” on the drop-down menu. Fill in the details of your account (this details should have been sent to email inbox from your broker)

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

3. FOREX is Traded in Pairs

FOREX is traded in currency (or commodity) pairs. Let's take a look at how to pick the pairs you want to trade.

Currency pairs are displayed in the market watch column on the platform as shown below

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

Right click on the pair you want to see,

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

A drop down menu will be displayed...

To see the chart for that pair, click ‘chart window’ on the drop down menu

To place a trade, click on "new order" on the menu

To see all the currency pairs offered by the platform, click on "show all" on the menu

All the pairs you have opened their chart window will show at the bottom of the chart area. Fig below

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

You can simply click on any of the pairs to see the chart for that pair.

4. How to place a trade

First, select the pair you want to place a trade on (by “select”, I mean you are looking at the chart for that particular pair in the chart area as shown in 3 above)

Secondly, click on ‘new order’ tab. Shown in fig below.

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

a dialogue box will appear like the one in fig below...

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Dialogue Box...

SYMBOL: this displays the pair you want to place the order on. So make sure that it is the same pair with the signal you want to trade. Please pay strict attention to this. NO room for mistakes here!

For example, if a signal reads like this:
Pair: GBP/USD.
BUY at entry price of 1.52000.
The symbol column must read: GBPUSD, Great Britain pound v US dollar. Got it?

VOLUME:  The volume you will use is directly tied to how much money you have in your account balance. Follow our recommended plan. Check it out now and before placing any trade to make sure you are not using the wrong volume.

Be warned, using the wrong volume IS DISASTER. Click here to check our recommendation for how you may constistently generate $10,000 or more monthly from our FOREX Trading Signals.

STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT: Just impute corresponding values as given in the Trading Signal if available. Skip this if they are not given in the Trading Signals.

 TYPE:  Click on the type button to select either instant execution or pending order.  The one you should pick would be specified in the signals you receive

BUY OR SELL:  This will come with the signal. But you must have imputed every other detail before clicking on buy or sell as given in the signal

Let’s take an example…

You have $50 as your account balance and you get a signal in your inbox that reads like this:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.13500. Instant Execution

This is what you would do:

Symbol: EURUSD, Euro v US Dollar (this is automatic if you clicked new order when already viewing EUR/USD chart in your chart area)

Volume:  0.01     as indicated by our recommended list for $50

Type: you select instant execution (meaning you’ll place the trade immediately you get the signal)

Check your email box every 4hrs for signal alerts starting 0100 GMT +1

(for optimal trade… however, this is totally up to you and how often you want to take trades as they are made available. Please note that this doesn’t mean you’ll have signals available every 4hrs. Except otherwise recommended, please take ONE trade at a time… so DO NOT setup multiple trades at the same

5. What Happens After You Place a Trade?

Once you click trade, as shown in the figure above... the parameters of your on-going trades will be displayed from left to right...

The time of trade, the type, the size (or volume), the symbol (the pairs u have entered a trade in), the price at which you placed the trade, stop loss (if any), take profit (if any), current price of the pair, commission charged on the trade, swap (for trades that extends to the next day), and on-going profit or loss.

Just to the right of Trade in the figure above, you’ll see EXPOSURE, ACCOUNT HISTORY and so on.

Account history shows you the summary of all concluded trades

6. How to Cancel or Close a Trade

There are two ways to close a trade, the first is by setting a take profit point when placing the trade. If the signal has a take profit parameter, do not forget to impute it. That way the trade will automatically close by itself once it reaches that point.

The other way is to manually close it. Using the figure below. Right click on that trade parameter bar, a menu will pop up, select "close order".

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

For the first time of doing this, a first dialogue box will pop up asking you to accept a on-click setup... please reject or cancel.

Once you click cancel, a second dialogue box will replace the first, like the one shown below.

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

Click on close tab as shown in the figure to close the trade.

7. How to withdraw your profits

Login to your broker website and click on withdraw. Follow your broker’s steps.

Remember to talk to their customer service personnel by clicking on LIVE CHAT or TECHNICAL SUPPORT if you ever get stuck.


USD – United states Dollar


JPY – Japanese Yen

GBP – Great Britain Pounds

CAD – Canadian Dollar

AUD – Australia Dollar

CHF- Switzerland Franc

NZD – New Zealand Dollar

Remember that these currencies are traded in pairs. For example
EURUSD is Euro zone v United States dollar, or
GBPCAD is Great Britain pounds v Canadian dollar.

You find these pairs at the market watch section of the trading platform.

How to Use the MT4 Platform |

That's IT!

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