Heinrich Böll: 1000 Scholarships for Undergraduate and Doctoral Students

Deadline: 1 March, 2016

Heinrich Böll: 1000 Scholarships for Undergraduate and Doctoral Students


The Foundation awards complete scholarships to students.

Approximately 1,000 (around 950 scholarships) are given every year - about 5/6 of them go to undergraduates and graduates and 1/6 to PhD students.


Every year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships (the Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships) to approximately 1,000 undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subject courses and nationalities.

These students are those who are pursuing their degree at universities, universities of applied sciences (‘Fachhochschulen’), or universities of the arts (‘Kunsthochschulen’).

The Foundation campaigns for gender democracy, social emancipation, and equality between women and men. It is also committed to equality and social participation for cultural and ethnic minorities.

Field(s) of study
All courses and subjects are supported.
(Selected priority fields include: Humanities and Social Science, Fine Arts and Cultural Studies, Economics, Law, Engineering, Media Science and Natural Science).

Having in the past awarded scholarships mainly to students of the humanities, social sciences, art, and culture, the foundation is now, in addition, particularly interested in students of economics, law, engineering, science, mathematics, and journalism.


The following general requirements apply to international student applicants (except EU citizens) who wish to study in Germany:

  • You must be enrolled at a state-recognized university or college (e.g. Fachhochschule) in Germany at the time the scholarship payments begin.
  • You should provide proof that you have already graduated with an initial professional qualification. This programme mainly supports students aiming for a Masters degree.
  • You need a good knowledge of German, and require you provide proof of your proficiency. Please note that the selection workshop (interviews, group discussions) will normally be in German. Exceptions (interview in English) are, however, possible.
  • Unfortunately, the current guidelines specify that the foundation cannot support foreign scholarship holders for stays abroad in third countries for more than four weeks.
  • You should definitely apply for a scholarship before the start of your studies, in order to ensure long-term support and cooperation.
  • The Heinrich Böll Foundation cannot award you a scholarship, if you are studying for a one-year Masters degree and were not previously supported by the foundation.
  • Applications are possible before you begin your study programme or within the first three semesters.
  • Applicants must provide proof that they have been accepted as a doctoral student by an institution of higher education in Germany or an EU country (for doctoral scholarship).


Heinrich Böll: 1000 Scholarships for Undergraduate and Doctoral Students

The foundation only accepts online applications.

The application processes, including the application form, will be completed online; Additional application documents will be submitted as PDF

For more information on how to apply, visit Application Process.

For more info, visit Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

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