FOREX Trading Signals: How a Teen Earns $400 Profits per Trade

FREE FOREX Trading Signals that earns you $1000, straightup

Using FOREX trading signals from credible sources is the quickest, safest and most profitable way to earning serious money from FOREX.

The challenge is finding credible sources.

So, before I go too far, lemme ask, to which of these camps do you belong?

  1. You are new to FOREX. “FOREX Trading signals” sounds way too yo-yo to you. My recommendation is that you invest some time in understanding key fundamentals of FOREX here

  2. The FOREX market is familiar territory. So you can use FOREX trading signals – which by the way you can easily learn in minutes here.

The good news is that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started like the experts tell you.

$500 will do.

Your capital then builds up into hundreds, and then thousands of dollars…

…Here's where it gets even better. You can choose to...

  1. Have us trade your capital into profits for you (for FREE). OR

  2. Give you Premium trading signals (check it out here)

So I’m inviting you to earn FREE money from 3 free trades (and even cash out the profits if you wish). And if you enjoyed the experience, you may go ahead to subscribe for our FOREX trading signals.

Going forward I want to believe you’re are familiar with what’s happening in the futures market. You probably already know that only about 1% of traders make consistent income from FOREX – the other 99 are simply busy losing money more money than they make. Our accurate FOREX trading signals save you energy, hard earned money and shaves off years of turmoil and painful errors.

With our accurate FOREX trading signals you simply leapfrog to join the 1% that make money consistently from this 4 Trillion Dollar daily market – and without the hassle of figuring out what does or doesn’t work.

Our signals helps you take the money without the work… and it’s OK.

Shouldn’t you learn to trade the FOREX market on your own?

That depends on what you want.

Here are 3 things you can do, but ultimately, the choice is yours:

  1. Trade the FOREX Market on your own: It’s OK, if taking roller coaster adventures with your money runs in your veins. You will have to make tons of mistakes and ultimately hope to beat the odds – an odd in which only 1 person succeeds out of 100 persons who try and try really hard! If you’d rather learn and trade FX on your own,’s School of Pipsology might be a great place to start.

  2. Using FOREX trading signals from Credible Sources: This is by far your best option. You don’t have to be good at trading – heck you DON’T even have to know what FOREX is, to start with! Once you get the basics of how to use the MetaTrader4, all you have to do is impute data received from your credible signals provider and get the money rolling in. Yes, it’s that simple – that’s what Jamie… a high school senior did with our signals. I’ll get to this in a moment.

  3. Merge 1 and 2.

OK, frankly I don’t advocate merging 1 and 2. You DON’T want to be losing money earned from 2, while struggling with 1. KISS – Keep It Simple Socrates!

The Challenge: Finding Credible FOREX Signal Sources

Jamie, a high school kid had earned a few hundred dollars over the holiday and sought to find some investment vehicle or small business he can put his money into. He discovered us via a Google group we'd been running at the time. Jamie was lucky to have found us... I say "lucky" because at the time we were...

  1. Giving FREE trials for up to 3 weeks! WITHOUT capping on number of trades.

  2. Charging peanuts if they ever decide to join us eventually ($10 per week for an infinite number of signals)

  3. Providing one-on-one support to make sure members did use the signals correctly...

As you might guess. We eventually got stretched to our limits. It was just ridiculously exhausting to run that way.

With time this program has grown into something awesome. Now lot's of people enjoy the value of our Premium Plan. So far, MORE THAN 50% of Premium Plan users were referred to this program by other Premium Plan users.

Jamie was lucky to have found us when we just started out.

Since we offered free testing for 3 weeks (now trial is for 3 free trades, only). Jamie opted to test our trading signals before making any commitments. Now, you may want to know that Jamie didn’t exactly know what FOREX was all about. He knew vaguely that it earned people money, and that it’s a currency market… but that’s about all he knew before he got in with us.

Over the course of his first week he was taken on a brief tutorial of what the MT4 is all about and how it works. At the time he didn’t even try trading since he barely knew how to use the trading platform in the first place!

Of the 3 weeks 1 week was for training on using the MT4 and what FOREX was about.

Now, to be clear, not that he needed that much time, Jamie was mostly fearful of trying something new and procrastinated on taking trades he easily could have taken and earned money from.

Having noticed how much disservice fear was dealing to him he finally started taking the trades. Everything changed from that moment.

Converting FOREX Trading Signals to Cash

Jamie, as earlier noted, missed a lot of his chances the first week because he didn’t take the trade he was given signals for. He however managed to take a few of the trades he got signals for the week after and quickly turned his tiny $130 to $417 in just 2 trades, and in just a little over 1 week.

Remember, Jamie was NOT fully subscribed at the time to keep receiving our FOREX Trading signals.  So he earned all that money FREE of any subscription charges. That way, he’d already made SEVERAL times his subscription fee BEFORE subscribing.

Jamie's story is no exception, even with our Premium Plan running now. Many subscribers have experienced this reality many times over… so I safely expect you to have a similar experience. It’s not scarce for subscribers to have earned up to a thousand dollars while on the 3 FREE signals, even before they started paying for signals.

Here’s Jamie’s screenshot of those defining early trades…

FREE Forex Trading Signals |

(Use image enlargement function on your computer or screen to enlarge the image)

Let’s do the Simple Math

Jamie’s Trading Capital = $130

Gross Income from Trade = $417 ($134.20 + $153.13 + $130 (capital))

Profit from Trade = $417.33 – $130

= $287.33 USD
(Profit Made in just a little over 1 week and on just 2 trades)

Why are We Giving Our FOREX Trading Signals Out?

Quite simply because it pays to give them out!

It pays us. It pays you. It’s win-win.

If we use these FOREX trading signals all on our own – which, by the way, we generate by ourselves – we can only make so much money.

Sharing the good news makes us even more money… while simultaneously enriching people we share it with. We figured that many people will be skeptical in the beginning, so we allow you to trade them for FREE.

Our trading signal is an industry leader with 94.12% success rate. And we have never lost a trade since this December 2015.

We know, NOT everyone can afford the happiness of our Premium Plan, so we developed a 100% FREE plan. On that plan we don't charge a dime to earn you money. I have this well detailed on a different page of this website.

While Premium Plan earns you thousands of Dollars a month, the FREE plan earns you 10% of your money. So if all you have is $500 USD you'd earn $50 from every trade... And we also earn 10% on that $500 capital. You earn $50, and we earn $50.

Why are we Giving so much value ( even for FREE)?

Like I said, it pays to be generous.

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