FOREX Trading Signals Terms of Service

Please take note of these terms of service as all transactions, communications and operations as relates to the Live Beyond School FOREX Trading Signals Program are strictly – without exceptions – subject to these terms.

  1. By subscribing to the use of Live Beyond School’s FOREX Trading Signals, you are fully aware that all signals are sent by email ONLY (but Live Beyond School and her proprietor(s) reserve the rights to send you this signals via other means they feel might better benefit you). By your subscription to Live Beyond School’s trading signals you agree that Live Beyond School, her partners, associates, all allies and proprietor(s) are indemnified in case of your failure to trade the signals, for any reasons whatsoever. Hence your account’s billing cycle for the week or period of failure to trade the signals are upheld and cannot to be skipped. Trading the signals are solely at your prerogative, billing cycles are fixed and cannot be altered, except by Live Beyond School and her proprietor(s)

  2. You fully understand and agree to be billed by Live Beyond School, either directly as an entity on its own or through her proprietor(s), as and when due. You agree that Live Beyond School and/or her proprietor(s) reserve to rights to take legal actions on you due to failure to remit due payments or in case you default in your due payments.

  3. By subscribing to Live Beyond School’s FOREX signals program, Live Beyond School does not promise any financial gains or betterment in your wellbeing in any way. While Live Beyond School strives, within her constraints, to make every signal you trade a successful one, she does NOT promise you any profits.

  4. You absolutely agree that you MUST have a functioning Bank Account or electronic money source that can be billed as and when due. If you do not comply with this, for whatever reason, Live Beyond School reserves the right to terminate your signals reception or trading account with us and unsubscribe you from receiving Live Beyond School’s FOREX trading signals.

  5. Your signals account is for you and you alone. You may take funds from people you know, if you want to, trade for them, make profits and share profits at your own bidding – Live Beyond School has no business with this. So you are FREE to use our signals to make money by trading for people, but you MUST not give signals out to people. If you give signals out and Live Beyond School gets a hint of it your signals reception from us will be terminated and you will be unsubscribed from the program. And Live Beyond School and her proprietor(s) reserve the right to take legal action against you, as this is theft of intellectual property.

  6. Live Beyond School reserves the full right to alter any aspect of the signals program, the pricing model for the program, subscriber access to signals and time of sending signals without any prior notice to you or any other persons subscribing to receiving the signals from Live Beyond School.

  7. You and everyone else using the Live Beyond School FOREX Trading Signals program, being aware of the high-risk of the Foreign Exchange and Futures Markets, understand and take absolutely responsibility, without exception, for any losses or gains made from using the Live Beyond School FOREX trading signals. You also agree, without exception, that Live Beyond School, her partners and associates, are FULLY exonerated from any financial loss or gain you may have made or be making from using the Live Beyond School FOREX Trading Signals.

  8. You agree that Live Beyond School, her partners, proprietor(s) and associates are fully indemnified from your use, misuse or disuse of FOREX Trading signals you get from Live Beyond School, her partners, proprietor(s), or her associates. You agree that any damages incurred or benefits gained from or associated with the use, disuse, or misuse of the FOREX Trading Signals associated with Live Beyond School are ABSOLUTELY your responsibility and that Live Beyond School, her partners, proprietors, associates and all her allies are completely indemnified.

  9. The Live Beyond School FOREX signals trading program is for educational purposes only. We are NOT offering you legal, financial, tax or any professional advice whatsoever, and we make NO claims to the accuracy of the information you get from us. By using the FOREX trading signals you are solely acting on your own prerogative and Live Beyond School, her partner(s), proprietor(s), associate(s), and employee(s) are fully indemnified of all legal, financial, physical or mental implications, directly or indirectly, that may arise due to your use of the FOREX trading signals and/or other information we provide.

  10. You agree that your capital when using Live Beyond School’s FREE FOREX Trading Signals is NOT risk free. While our trading system have produced fantastic results, we want to make it abundantly clear to you and to all concerned entities that we are traders of the FOREX market, and NOT the market ourselves. So we can’t determine how the market behaves per time, and there is always significant risk of loss in the FOREX market, of which your capital is not immune to risk.

  11. Capitals used for trading are NOT investments, and by no means imply to be. All earnings from the STANDARD PLAN are 20% of trading capital based on simple interest. Interests DO NOT compound.

  12. Standard Plan users may ask for their profit by request only. Earnings are NOT automatically disbursed unless requests are made for them by authorized persons.

  13. All trade profits requests received before the 25th day of any calendar month is treated for that calendar month. Any requests received after the 25th day of any calendar month is treated as if requested for next calendar month.

  14. Standard Plan users’ Trade profits requests are attended to between the 26th day of a month to the 1st day of the next month. Within this time, payments are made to requesting individuals using Western Union, PayPal, Direct Bank Deposits and other payment channels.