FOREX Day Trading Signal: How to Earn $1000 on EVERY Trade – Guaranteed

Can EVERY FOREX day trading signal win?

FOREX Day Trading Signal: How to Earn $1000 on EVERY Trade – Guaranteed

The answer is yes and no.

It all depends on who answers that question. Some “experts” would like to make you believe losing is OK.

For us at Live Beyond School the answer to that question would be a resounding YES.

YES, you can win with EVERY trade you take.

This isn’t wishful thinking. We have our money where our mouth is.

Frankly, we are quite used to winning than losing trades. It’s rather strange to us when people talk of losses these days. It rarely happens to us.

Admittedly, we’ve paid our dues. Winning is normal now.

What Makes Our System Superior?

Our system is superior because we always…

  1. Make pips
  2. Keeps pips
  3. And Repeat

…almost always flawlessly. In plain language we make money, and DON’T make excuses.

Our system makes us different. Our system gets unequaled RESULTS!

Talking superiority… Let me show you what makes our every FOREX day trading signal golden, for you.

  1. Precision of Trade Entry: We enter each trade with such mathematical certainty that you don’t experience wild market movements. When trades actually activate they go in our predetermined direction.

  2. Accurate and Profitable Trade Exits: Trade entries don’t just activate well, trade exits are spot-on. This entry and exit is the foundation of each and every FOREX day trading signal we serve you.

  3. Systematic Risk Management: All winning trades involve risk.

    We know that.

    Our FOREX day trading signals comes with an easy to follow, risk management system.

    We do not trade large market movements.

    Even when our analysis shows that our trend would go farther than our Take Profit point. We focus on making money instead of riding trends.

    We also advise on Lot Size or Volume per trade, this keeps you constantly in control of how much money you can make per trade.

  4. MAXIMIZATION of Profit on Each and Every Trade: Depending on how much money your trade account has, you’ll enjoy profit maximized (and risk minimized) trades all the time.

  5. Our 94.12% Success Ratio is Unmatched by Anyone Else we know: Our success ratio currently rests at 16: 1. That is, winning 16 out of 17 trades. Since we trade on multiple accounts, we decided to use a “guinea pig” account to test our system on a capital as little as $30 USD. And yes, our success rate stayed stellar!

Using the same exact trading signals, and adjusting the trade volume to maximize profit, traders using our signals earned HIGHER profits in the hundreds, even thousands of USD, from those trades.

Here's what an undergrad using our system has to say...

"Trading the currency exchange market can be frightening. I am a student and finally earning some money each week. I was skeptical at first. I subscribed to try the signals, and it was really fantastic surprise to see its beautiful results. Trading feels so exciting now that I get bored when I'm not trading.

I've been trading with Live Beyond School FOREX Signals Service for 8 months. I'm a lot more confident now beacuse the signals I get are 98% accurate. The remaining 2% are trades that didn't activate. I NEVER lost any money.

Just to thank you guys for this! I hope it keeps going this way"

                                                                    - Omololu Harris Atanda

Now the Question is Who are “We”?

Nicholas Godwin and Josh Olaomi are your friendly experts here. We have combined experiences of over 15 years in the FOREX market. We’ve made, lost and regained thousands of Dollars from this world’s largest financial market.

So, we completely understand what works and what doesn’t. And because we know nothing is cast in stone, we regularly retest what failed or worked to know if a change would be necessary in that area.

Josh particularly follows this market round the clock. He eats, breathes and lives on Japanese Candle sticks and advanced technical and fundamental analyses. I have no doubt he sees charts in his dreams – no kidding. Nicholas spends his time more in helping our registered members have a great experience here – actually I’m the one writing to you at this moment.

Leveraging the collective wisdom of fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis, we always bring you winning trades at a ratio of 16:1. That is, winning 16 trades out of 17.

How We’ll Help You Win with our FOREX Day Trading Signal service

Yes, I promised $1000 USD in the title of this article.

I lied!

Well, I actually lied… basically to get your attention.

The truth is that you will earn over $10,000 USD or even MORE if you want.

I lied because I felt that calling big figures would scare you away, so I piped down on the figures.

One FOREX day trading signal will easily 10x that number. If you have the capital.

As you already know, succeeding with FOREX is hard. Actually only 1% of traders make money CONSISTENTLY in the industry. Success doesn't come easy.

Our result is extremely RARE.

At 94.12% success rate, our result is what you’d call 'phenomenal' in the English language.

Since we’re at the top of the 1% who make money from FOREX, we’re here to help you skip the 99% of people who simply lose more money than they make. With us you can join the few who actually earn money from this 5 Trillion USD per Day Market.

And you have the advantage of our time and field tested system, which is highly polished and makes your participation a breeze.

Our system is breezy because…

  1. It’s EASY: You can set up each FOREX day trading signal in less than 3 minutes.

  2. You DON’T Have to Pay Attention: Your trade can go on independent of you. You can have a trade on while you attend to other matters of importance to you.

  3. You Can Relax: If for any reason you were too busy to set up a trade signal immediately you received them – maybe you were away from your phone or PC – you can still catch-up on trades because every FOREX day trading signal you get from us is a Pending Order.

Each FOREX day trading signal is sent as a Pending Order. That way you're NOT chained to your computer screen all day anticipating our signals. Our system allows you to preset your trades so that they trigger on their own, and you can conveniently management the trade at your leisure (using our guidance, of course).

Trades conveniently arrives your inbox hours before they actually trigger. This provides ample time for you to still hop on the trade long after you’ve received our FOREX day trading signal.

Putting Live Beyond School FOREX Trading Signals to Work for You

High performer traders in this industry boast of 4,000 pips profit over a 5 year period. That’s an average of 800 pips a year, or 200 pips profit every quarter – having traded hundreds of times to achieve those results.

We are not high performers.

We are STELLAR performers.

I know, I'm self-promoting. I'm proud to put my name on this thing. So let me brag a little.

Our FOREX day trading signal earns you profits upwards from 490+ pips per quarter (that is, every 3-month period). That’s MORE THAN DOUBLE the success rates of high performers.

Every trade we recommend is based on thorough research. Each trading plan includes:

  • The currency pair that we'll be trading

  • Precise entries, take profits, Volume/Lot size and stops

Here’s an example of a trade we took in February 2016. The FOREX day Trading Signal was given out as this:

CAD/CHF - February 11, 2016

Place Order to Sell CAD/CHF: 0.70006

Take Profit: 0.69800

Volume/Lot Size: 0.4

Quick Facts about the Live Beyond School FOREX Trading Service

  • Trades last no longer than 2 days – usually less than 1 day. So expect SWAP trades once a while.

  • We trade signals that MUST win.

    So you won't trade all the time. Averagely we'll trade once a week, but it could be more (or less). But the trades you'd take will OVER compensate for the wait.

    Expect 1 trade a week.

    Trades will come when our trading system shows CRYSTAL clear, profitable entry and exit signals.

    We're not

  • How much money you can make will differ based on these 2 factors:

    a. Subscription Category: We have 2 subscription categories. Premium Plan and Freedom Plan.

    Premium Plan earns you 20% on each trade, and demands your time. You'll from the open to close of trades.

    Freedom Plan: You'll give us full access to your FOREX account and we'd trade on your behalf. You'll share at 50/50 with us, and pay only after close of successful trade.

    b. Size of Your Trading Capital: Size matters. The larger your capital the higher you’ll earn.

  • The Premium Plan earns you 20% of your capital per trade, minimum capital we encourage is $2,000 (up to $800 or MORE per month).

    And if you have the capital to go, you should easily earn more than $1000 per trade (up to $12,000 per month). Even $10,000 per trade (up to $120,000 per month) is very possible – if you have the capital to drive that level of profit.

  • Again, for the Premium plan you'll earn 20% of your capital per month

  • All figures are quoted in United States Dollars (USD). You may choose to convert these figures to your local currency here.

  • You'll enjoy 3 FREE FOREX trading signals, before you start trading under any of the plans.

  • In case you’re wondering…

    “Why didn’t you and Josh just keep your ‘secret sauce’ to yourselves and make yourselves fabulously rich?! Why sell the signals if it’s that good?”

    Well, we figured that the best way to make more money is to give the signals out. We make profits on our own using the exact same signals we give out. But it’s more money for us with the signals service.

    In short, giving out the signals makes us WAY MORE money than just trading the signals.

    Do the math!

    That’s why we decided to share our secret sauce… generously :)

  • You’ll receive trade signals by email. You'll be informed of these signals over our WhatsApp or Skype, even by phone call if need be.

  • And if you have any more questions, please talk to Nic and Josh here.


Charges depend on your plan – Premium or Freedom Plan.

  1. Premium Plan earns you 20% of your trading capital. And you're expected to have a minimum of $2,000 capital to trade with.

    Get 3 FREE signals before you even choose a plan you want. Yes, make money first, thank me later ;)

    You'll be investing $200 per signal to receive signals from us, AFTER you've made money from the signals.

  2. FREEdom Plan. Simply put your money to work for you.

    No fees!

    All that you'll need is your trading capital. And we'll trade your capital on your behalf, and share 50/50 profits.

Premium Plan

If you have $2,000 or more trading capital, then you should take advantage of this option.

In this option, with just $2,000 capital, you will earn $800 or MORE, from a month’s trading. The maximum you can earn with $2,000 on the FREE option is $400, less your signal fees of $200 you'll have $200 profit.

This is tricky.

Given that you can earn 100% more profit by simply increasing your capital by 50%. $3,000 will earn you $1,600. While $2000 earns you only $800 a month.

If you have $10,000 capital to trade with then you can enjoy as high as $7,200 a month.

You can test our signals for FREE.

In fact that FREE FOREX day trading signal is your EASY way to kill 2 birds with a stone:

  1. Earn a handsome profit and
  2. Generate the fees you’ll need to pay us for signals

On this 3 FREE signals, you are sure to earn a minimum of $1,200 USD.

NO games! No BS.

That FREE test is like giving you the money to pay us.

So you actually take NOTHING from your pocket to pay us. In a sense, this is a form of FREE FOREX day trading signal too.

Now, let’s leave the talking and get the money flowing in already.

Click here to kick start your FREE FOREX trading signals

If $2000 isn't within your reach at the moment, I'll advice that you go for Freedom plan… it’s actually FREE. Like completely FREE, all you’ll need is your capital.

We’ll never charge you a dime for signals. We'll just share profits at 50/50.


To enjoy the FREEdom plan, just follow these steps…

  • Read the Terms of Service and Register Here
  • Test our signals (if you want to do that)
  • Fund Your Account (with a minimum of $500 USD)
  • Give us trading access to your account.
  • Watch trades turn in profits
  • Cash Out

Premium PLAN (PP)

Joining the premium class is NOT for you if you have less than $2,000 USD to trade with.

To enjoy the PP…

  • Read the Terms of Service and Register Here
  • Test our signals. Get 3 FREE trades, free of charge (if you want to do that)
  • Decide to join us
  • Pay for Your Signal next signal (5th signal)
  • Trade
  • Cash Out

NO Strings attached. FREE FOREX Signals

No credit cards. No up-sells or anything like that...

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