Contests and Competitions Worth Your Try

Here're FREE contests and competitions students, dropouts and/or fresh graduates like you can win. And then again, most of them are easy to enter for... so ENJOY!

I promised to make things easy for you. So, I did.

Depending on how you want to find content, you can follow the various subgroups below to see the contests and competitions lists here...

Continents & Worldwide

World student competitions

Since nothing is ever for everyone, I have made it possible to easily find what's likely yours here, searching what's up in your continent. And for world citizens, this's for you...

Sports & Games

Think you've got what it takes to compete in athletics, sports and/or games? OK, now you've got the chance to show your tough stuff... Here's a list of them all, for both one-man shows and team sports/games

Science & Technology

Contests on science and technology

Science and technology based contests and competitions abound. So, from life to material sciences, engineering to research, you have more than enough to keep you busy...

Arts, Designs & Multimedia

Photography, painting, video, graphics... what have you? All those creative juices can flow uninhibited with awesome rewards to go... Yay! Let's get to it already. Click the here or the image...

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Writing & Essays

Contests and competitions worth your try |

So you think you're a good writer? Now, put your mind and muscle where your mouth is. Enter for the essays and writing competitions here... Click the image to discover your fit.

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Gender Specific

Contests and competitions worth your try |
Contests and competitions worth your try |

Depending on whether you are male or female... that's it. OK, frankly, this is most likely going to tilt towards the ladies a lot more. But then, there are things for the gentle men too.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Contests and competitions worth your try |

Now the money. You can participate in business plan contests and other entrepreneurship competitions here.

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Non-Profits & Charities

Contests and competitions worth your try |

If you run or you're a part of a non-profit organization, you may want to take the opportunities presented here. These contests can bring in some much needed income and open exciting doors for you and your organization.

Submit Contests and Competitions Here... (And Other Exciting Opportunities)

If you have any competitions you know of, you are welcome to submit them here - it's FREE. It'll be reviewed and you will be informed if it got listed here or not, and why.

You may also send in...

  1. Events/Trade shows/Conferences
  2. Jobs/Employment Opportunities
  3. Scholarships
  4. Income Earning Opportunities
  5. Parties and Socials Happening on or off your campus...

You may submit stuff that benefits Students (A-Levels, Undergraduates and Post-Graduates... or their equivalents), and opportunities that also benefit dropouts and fresh graduates as well. The goal here is to help us all find and enjoy opportunities we love to experience...

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