Best Online Jobs, CASH and Powerful Connections for Dropouts

Strictly for dropouts. Gain the best online jobs, get funding and connect with power players like Peter Thiel (who co-founded PayPal and funded Facebook).

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

OK. So you dropped out of school.


Which of these animals did school make you feel like?

The fish? the penguin? the seal or the bird? the fox or the monkey? the elephant?

Did you feel like an ant that wouldn't even appear in this picture?

Or did you feel like that man in the picture?

Well, I felt like that elephant.

Like the elephant, I had unique strengths, but the exams I was forced to take in school scarcely acknowledged those strengths… to say the least.

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Benefits You’ll Gain from this Article

  1. Inspiration from how Brad Pitt helped me, and a brief history of why I dropped out of School to start Thinking.

  2. Discover what kind of dropout you are (and how to profit from that knowledge)

  3. Discover 10+ powerful funding sources for dropouts’ ideas – up to $100,000 USD (FREE money) for each idea.

  4. Connect with powerful and successful entrepreneurs to get one-on-one mentoring for FREE.

  5. Get up to $350,000 USD in funding to turn your scientific or lab research into a thriving business. Plus access to powerful industry players, partnerships, press and more.

  6. And, of course, get the BEST online jobs for dropouts.

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I could help put smaller animals on the tree, and if needed, I'd pull down that tree. Climbing trees is for the monkey.

If you opted out of school because you felt like the penguin, or the seal, or the elephant or the fish…


You are correct.

Don’t morn it. It’s a lonely road, I know…

…but you’re NOT alone.

I attended of one of the better ranked universities in Africa. I wasn’t necessarily popular for academic prowess but I was more than OK, academically. I maintained above average performance, and even topped my class occasionally.

And then I opted out. I was the only dropout from my class.

I was bored. School wasn’t teaching what I wanted to learn.

My mind was constantly roaming on other matters – I couldn’t care less about a degree in Agriculture. I was finally ready to pursue my true passion – Systematic Thinking. Of course, that wasn’t in any school’s curriculum.

Yes, thinking is my passion.

What a “passion”, you might wonder – I’m amused at times, myself.

I loved Cybernetics but never got a chance at it. No school offered that in Africa. And no one was going to pay the ridiculous fees University of Reading (UK) demanded for a degree in Cybernetics.

At a point I became open to studying anything. Well, anything, as long as it encouraged some form of Systematic Thinking, or Systems Development – nothing meaningful sufficed!

“Not long ago, dropping out of school to start a company was considered risky. For this generation, it is a badge of honor, evidence of ambition and focus”

The Wall Street Journal

Most courses were too straightjacketed for me. They limited my ability to take initiative – genuine initiative, not regurgitating what someone else thought or taught.

To worsen a bad situation, I couldn’t help feeling ridiculous every time I said “thinking” is my passion.

To my hearing I sounded ambiguous – who didn’t love thinking? Duh…

That feeling plus the overwhelming rush of negative feedback from people around me haunted me badly.

My immediate environment was harsh, albeit I wanted to live by thinking up creative and sustainable solutions (to issues of real value) in directions that fascinated me.

A second problem?

Everything fascinated me.

Well, almost everything...

Maybe anything and everything that wasn’t taught in school.

What fascinated (and still fascinates me now) are topics in Environmental Friendliness, Humane Business Systems, and Sustainable Learning/Educational Systems – Whatever united us with nature and made humans limitless.

I strongly believe humans can live forever.

On that belief, I felt alone.

Alone, until world famous dropout, Mark Zuckerberg, openly admitted to the same belief.

My foray into web development owes its success to my curiosity for sustainable learning systems.

I know thinking isn’t exactly taught in school. But I felt Cybernetics had some ‘thinking meat’ to it. I felt it’d be useful in satisfying my ‘thinking and systems’ curiosity.

In the end I had to find my own course.

So I quit regular schooling to focus on learning (mostly on my own and using online courses) what truly fascinated and resonated with me.

I wanted to know how thinking worked and why it’s been called the hardest work in the world.

In the beginning almost everyone thought mainstream media influenced me. Images like Jaden’s was used to judge my actions… Yes, I agree on some level with young Smith, but I still feel nothing is cut out for everyone. Not everyone is going to graduate with a degree, and not everyone should dropout either – at least for now.

Tai Lopez, a successful entrepreneur and TED Talks speaker, who’d dropped out of school to pursue his dream explains it how I love it in this video…

One of the major problems we face as dropouts is the social stigma that follows. Depending on your exact situation.

Society places a lot of value on money, regardless of how you made it.

If you already earn millions of dollars before dropping out, then BRAVO! You’re a hero. If you don’t earn that much (or something close), you’re a tramp.

At least that’s the stereotype until you get lucky.

That’s if you get lucky.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t get lucky.

In the US for example, more than 9 out of 10 murder victims are high school dropouts. And university degree holders, on a normal day, earn more money than dropouts.

University degree holders earn more on jobs than dropouts because they’re playing at home. They are, for the most part, playing to the tune of society.

As a dropout seeking regular employment you are playing a game that’s designed for school graduates – a game designed AGAINST you. One you could NEVER win in a billion years (or more).

When I dropped out of school I knew my chances of getting a job will be slim. In fact, I dropped out of school so that I will never get a job.

Like the Vikings I burned down my ship. In this case, my “job ship”.

I found my game.

This website helps you find your game.

If you think dropping out is your shortcut to success, think again. It’s NOT. The best online jobs – in the traditional definition of jobs – are for degree holders.

You want job security? Go to school and graduate!

Dropping out of school is for the intelligent and passionate. If you value freedom above security then you may want to try this path. I’m on it and, by far, it’s the best career decision I ever made – by far.

Passion, most likely, accounts for why 1 in 3 billionaires is a dropout. And for the rest, an Ivy League education didn’t make a difference. Oprah, Gates, Branson, Zuckerberg, Brin and Page, Jobs, Dell and others are all famous billionaires who dropped out of school… mostly to follow their passions.

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

In my opinion, FREEDOM not SECURITY should motivate your dropping out of school.

Dropping out isn’t for the lazy.

You must be physically and mentally strong. At least VERY mentally strong – if you aren’t physically strong. You opted out of school but you’re going to have to provide value to society if you must survive.

People who suffer as dropouts are the lazy ones.

Dropping out gives you that limitless opportunity to follow your heart wherever it may lead, to follow your dreams and actualize your vision of a better world. Some ideas just can’t wait.

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

I’m constantly at work collating the best online jobs for dropouts and other opportunities for you.

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The goal isn’t to get you a job. It’s to help you to start earning money. Money to pursue your grander visions.

Again, because we say “best online jobs for dropouts” doesn’t mean all jobs fit all dropouts.

First, what kind of dropout are you?

Discover the Best Online Jobs for Your Kind of Dropout

Let’s start with identifying (and attempt at classifying) kinds of dropouts we have today. And then link them up with history – successful dropouts whose paths resemble yours. This can be extremely helpful in dealing with negative people.

For example, knowing I wasn’t the first to attempt dropping out of school only days shy of graduating – Brad Pitt actually did too – made me feel I was up to something big even when I got plenty of negative feedback.

Brad Pitt’s story kept me going.

It made me confident that my life’s not headed for doomed after all.

That confidence kept me going even when people who “cared” about me made very negative commentary or offered suggestions that didn’t resonate with me. I learned to say NO to what I didn’t want. And YES to what I wanted – whether it felt convenient to do so or not.

Now, what kind of dropout are you?

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts
  1. Dropped out to follow your passion? – John D. Rockefeller did that. Steve Jobs did that as well

  2. Dropped out because of a flawed system that’s pathetically unaware of its own flaws? – Richard Branson had to leave school because dyslexia wasn’t a known disorder at the time, but teachers thought he was dumb instead. How ironic.

  3. Dropped out of school because either of your parents (or your financial source) died or got into serious distress? – George Burns, Charles Dickens and Harland Sanders should inspire you.

  4. Did you quit because school was downright boring? – This can be trick as lazy people get bored with anything that demands thinking. Elton John and Princess Diana quit school for boredom. Obviously you know these people weren’t lazy at all. (Princess Diana failed all her O-Level exams in the UK, and couldn’t get into any higher institution even after completing her pre-degree studies in Switzerland)

  5. You quit because of a major catastrophe, like natural disaster, war or illness?Philip Emegwuali (one of the founding fathers of the internet) did, for Nigeria’s Biafran war in the 1960s. So did Ray Kroc, for WW1 (the guy behind McDonald’s super success). Thomas Edison (founder of General Electric). Ringo Starr of the Beatles left school because of an illness.

  6. You quit school to pursue an idea whose time has come… an idea that just can’t wait – like Bill Gates of Microsoft Computers; Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Music artistes, like Natasha Bedingfield and Adele. You didn’t just quit for passion, your passion has already started materializing.

Now that you have a fairly good idea where you fit. Next question to answer is “what are the best online jobs for your kind of dropout?” Not every kind of job will fit you. In fact, getting a job at all may get in your way of success.

You want to be clear here. What fits your unique situation?

If you’re dropout types 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (as outlined above), then you may consider making money online from jobs. For a start at least. The best online jobs for you will definitely NOT demand any educational certification. You’ll gather the needed experience as you go.

I regularly send out emails containing the best online jobs to my subscribers here. You don’t want to miss it for anything in the world!

What follows are 10 incredible seed money and funding opportunities – even jobs – for dropouts.

If you quit school and have…

…Ideas that Can’t Wait

Then this is for you.

You have an idea in hand or you’re at the verge of something big. You don’t want to sit around on jobs – just like you didn’t sit in a classroom.
Yes, some ideas can’t wait.

Especially where Peter Thiel and many other awesome investors are willing to give you as much as $100,000, $350,000, even more… to pursue your idea right here and now.

They want to provide you the cash, connections and environment you always craved.

Of course, we’ll get to the best ideas for dropout (as I’d promised earlier). For now let’s attend to people whose ideas can’t wait – because their ideas can’t wait.

Programs that support intelligent dropouts:

1. The Thiel Fellowship

The Thiel Fellowship pays you $100,000 USD to drop out of school to pursue your idea.

My friend Ben Yu (founder of Sprayable Energy) is a Thiel Fellow. He dropped out of Harvard.

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

This program has lots of positive endorsements from many authority media sources...

“Thiel's fellowship pays kids a stipend that liberates them to work on ways to improve the world, rather than saddling them with debt. They get mentorship, workshops, connections to resources, and an alumni network without a formal alma mater”


“Not long ago, dropping out of school to start a company was considered risky. For this generation, it is a badge of honor, evidence of ambition and focus”

The Wall Street Journal

“Thanks to the Thiel Fellowship, access to some of the nation's most successful business people is quick and easy”

The New York Times

And the lopsided one...

"...the single most misguided bit of philanthropy in this decade"

Former Harvard President, Larry Summers

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

Check out the Thiel Fellowship here.

Next is…

2. Praxis

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

Praxis is a one year program that helps you create a career you love, so you won’t need a job. In your first 2 months, after acceptance into the program, you will join a boot camp and build a website to prepare for the immersive entrepreneurial experience.

After that 2 months boot camp, you’ll spend 10 months combining paid work at a startup with intensive personal development and education.

Praxis is free to join.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from Praxis are…

  • You’ll be learning by doing (personally my best way of exploring knowledge)

  • Enjoy one-on-one coaching with highly successful entrepreneurs

  • Gain hard and soft skills

  • Do self-guided projects

  • Connect with social influencers and powerful people

  • Work 30 hours a week, and earn $10 per hour

  • Talking of the best online jobs for dropouts, Praxis will helps you find one, if you want that.

Discover more of Praxis here.

3. Breakout Labs

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

Another blockbuster funding source from Peter Thiel.

This one helps you breakout from the shackles of institutional labs. Turn your ideas into thriving businesses.

Breakout Labs is great for PhD or Master’s Program – even Academics and Researchers – who need funding to turn their ideas in businesses.

Reminiscent of Google’s success, Breakout Labs helps you turn your research discoveries into successful businesses using this simple process…

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

You may access as much as $350,000 USD for your idea on clean energy, biomedicine and food science.

This goes beyond financial support. You will attend high level events, gain exposure, and connect with powerful investors and industry players. You will also get advice and feedback, press and partnerships.

Best Online Jobs and Funding Opportunities for Smart Dropouts

You may want to check out Breakout Labs here.

4. Mass Challenge

Their vision is a creative and inspired society in which everyone recognizes that they can define their future, and is empowered to maximize their impact.

Their mission?

Catalyze a startup renaissance.

“The startup renaissance is a rebirth of the creative and inspired society that challenges old conventions and strives primarily to create new value, instead of obsessing over extracting from what already exists. It's a world in which everyone recognizes that he or she can define the future, and is empowered to maximize impact.”

Modern entrepreneurship is a global endeavor and this renaissance spans geographical and cultural boundaries.

Their objects are to…

  • Promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization

  • Address the seed-stage investment gap, empowering novice entrepreneurs

  • Provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs

  • Showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally

See the Mass Challenge website here.

5. Singularity University

This is more of idea incubation than funding. But you do have some opportunities in it.

Check out their YouTube channel here.

And their website.

6. Unreasonable Institute


You can meet the unreasonable mentors and entrepreneurs, and be unreasonably inspired from their unreasonable stories.

And yes, there’s an unreasonable lab too.

Everything here is so reasonably unreasonable. See for yourself.

7. Y Combinator

Get seed funding for your startup. And connect with top tech startups in Silicon Valley and across Europe.

Their website is here.

8. The Echoing Green Fellowship

Provides over $4 million USD in seed funding money. And do NOT allow students in – dropouts should have 35+ hours for their business weekly, so it’s for you.

They give money in cycles. So don’t panic if you see that deadlines has passed already. Just prepare for the next cycle.

The Fellowships are awarded annually to individuals or partners who receive:

  • A stipend of $80,000 for individuals (or $90,000 for two-person partnerships) paid in four equal installments over two years

  • A health insurance stipend

  • A yearly professional development stipend

  • Leadership development and networking gatherings

  • Access to technical expertise and pro bono partnerships to help grow their organization, a dedicated Echoing Green portfolio manager, and support from Echoing Green chaplains

  • A community of like-minded social entrepreneurs, public service leaders, and industry leaders including the Echoing Green network of nearly 700 Fellows working in over sixty countries all over the world.

Find more information here.

9. TechStars

As boldly written on their website: Techstars is a global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses.

They’ve supported a total of 700+ businesses to raise over $2 Billion USD. Typically, they invest $100,000 – $300,000 as seed money into your idea, but then you have access to even more investment through their partnering investors.

See this interesting idea that’s being funded…

Make sure to visit their website here.

10. Investorium

They say save the best for last…

What if you could access a list of funding and grants providers?

That’s what investorium gives you here.

If starting a business isn’t in view for you, then take advantage of the best online jobs that I send you by email – red hot opportunities as they drop. You’ll be getting some cash coming in, while pursuing your dream…

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