Africa Regional Bursary for MBA Studies, University of Cambridge - £18,000


There are several deadlines and interview dates, and you may target the best for you... here are the deadlines:

Round       |   Application deadline    |    Interview date
Round 1                  18 Sep 2015                       9 November 2015
Round 2                   23 Oct 2015                      7 December 2015
Round 3                   8 Jan 2016                         22 February 2016
                                                                             29 February 2016
Round 4                   4 Mar 2016                       18 April 2016
Round 5                   6 May 2016                       13 June 2016


Cambridge Judge Business School will be offering a bursary worth up to £18,000 for a successful African candidate


Judge Business School believes that Africa will be an increasingly important region, both economically and politically, and is committed to developing the African talent pool. They are offering a bursary of up to £18,000 for a successful African candidate to the Cambridge MBA.


  • The applicant must be an African national

  • Must meet the usual requirements for the Cambridge MBA

To get a better picture of whether this is for you, click here.


You may apply here.

The Judge Business School website is here.

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Africa Regional Bursary for MBA Studies University of Cambridge

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