The MOST POWERFUL and Profitable Thing You Can Do with Your Dirty ₦1000
(Even If it’s ALL You Have)

OK. It doesn’t have to be in Naira. Your dirty $10 US Dollar is good to go too…

8:30am Thursday morning. You’ve stood in line for 30mins now—you beat traffic to get to your bank early. Your purpose was noble and modest. What every responsible parent would do: to quickly cash out some money to pay your children’s school fees.

You had 300k in mind, ordinarily 260k will do, but you’d like to keep a little pocket change after making that payment.

Here comes your shocker…

The teller says “Sorry sir, your daily withdrawal limit is ₦50,000 only”. With your mouth wide open, you’re at loss for words—surprised and stuttering—you looked on as she says “next person please”, as if you came begging for her hand in marriage.

You tried explaining how important this is.

But she’d answer “We’re so sorry. That is the new CBN regulation”.

You quickly remembered you can do this transfer online, so you asked her.

With a frank look she answered “No Sir, you can only transfer ₦50,000 daily. It’s CBN order, period—didn’t you get the email?”

You stood there helpless. It gradually dawns on you: You don’t have full access to your own money!

Just like that.

You probably know about withdrawal limits already. You have probably gotten a few messages from your bank saying you can’t withdraw or spend more than a certain amount of money. GTBank sends me such messages often… Worse restrictions has happened in more developed European nations than Nigeria.

Greece and Cyprus are still licking their wounds. Both countries experienced government’s complete confiscation of ALL citizens’ money.

Yes, government ceased EVERYBODY’S money for NO REASON.

In mid-2015, citizens of Greece woke up and couldn’t access their money in the bank. The Banks confiscated their money and closed down operations, by government order.


The banks were out of cash!

People had checked their bank balances the night before, seeing some figures on computer screens, believing they had some money in the bank.

They woke up the next morning and POOF! All that money was gone!

They couldn’t do ANYTHING more than cry and curse the government. The banks had wasted their money in lousy schemes.

Today Nigerians buy the US Dollar for how much now? Up to ₦390 right?

Why? The Nigerian Federal Government does NOT have enough US Dollars!

Isn’t that ridiculous?

International trade is done in the US Dollars worldwide, so how will the Nigerian Government (African’s largest economy) not have enough US Dollars to trade with?

What happened to our foreign reserves you ask?

Well, that’s your warning sign. There’s fire on the mountain!

The Bank is NOT Your Mate!

Banking started in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was 200 years before USA became a country and over 100 years before the Land of the Free was even discovered! Nigerians were still being carried away as slaves to North America and other parts of the world by this time…

In fact, the country “Nigeria”, didn’t even exist by the time. It was over 400 years before Nigeria amalgamated. So banking is not your mate at all…

Banking was started by goldsmiths—NOT bankers in 3 piece suits and TM Lewin shirts.

Now let’s talk a bit about how some guys running roadside gold-melting furnaces in their villages ended up inventing one of the most powerful industries of all time… THE BANK

How Goldsmiths Invented the Bank

On any given Monday, goldsmiths make gold articles like jewelries, royalty crowns, cups, tools, swords, and such articles of gold, using pure gold. The World Cup, for example, is modern-day goldsmith’s work.

Now, apart from making golden objects and articles, those goldsmiths of 1400s and 1500s started storing up ACTUAL gold for their clients. As proof of gold ownership, customers received and used paper certificates which eventually became a means settling bills and making payment.

Currency and Banking Hall of the 14th and 15th Centuries
Currency and Banking Hall of the 21st Century

Initially the goldsmiths gave out as many certificates as they had gold in stock, but they soon realized it was very unlikely that all customers would demand their gold at the same time. So they issued more certificates than they had gold in their vaults.

That certificate BECAME…

You guessed right—money.

The idea of paper money as we use it today originated from those certificates issued by goldsmiths. The certificate represented the gold—GOLD was the value backing the certificates, the paper… the money.

So if you saw someone with that paper, it is PROOF that s/he has gold in store. So paper money meant you had gold stored away in some bank vault.

Money is a representation of VALUE.

Things have evolved. You don’t go to GTBank today to deposit your raw gold. You deposit money.

1495 furnace workers in goldsmith houses have been replaced by men in suits, TM Lewin shirts and Gucci shoes. But the IDEA remains the same—banks keep your money just like goldsmiths kept gold.

The Bankers: 21st Century Banker and 14th Century Banker (Goldsmith)

Whether a 21st Century Banker or a 15th Century Banker, the same thing applies…

…if all customers demand their deposits at the same time—a so-called “bank run”— the bank will NOT be able to pay and will fail.

It’s ALL About Cash and Trust

These 2 things… and these 2 thing ONLY keep GTBank, UBA, HSBC, UBS, First Bank or any bank you can think of in business…

  1. Your Cash, and
  2. Your Trust

As is the case with money the whole concept of banking is based on trust. The belief that the bank is always capable of paying your money regardless of when you demand it. If that trust wanes and large numbers of depositors all demand their money at the same time, the bank will fail.

In the past, before the 1930s, this happened frequently, with serious consequences for the economy if major banks were involved.

Just like depositors owned golds stored by goldsmiths, you own the money kept in the bank…

…or should I say, “You’re supposed to own the money kept in the bank”.

Today you don’t necessarily own that money any more.

The bank owns it!

You’re simply the banks’ asset.

Banks have turned you and other customers into trees that grow money for them.

They charge you money for depositing your hard earned money with them. And then they turn around, use your money to earn profits from Foreign Exchange and other investments channels, for themselves.

And it gets worse!

Banks DON’T give you any part of that profit they make with your money!

You are toiling away in the scorching sun of sub-Sahara Africa, taking the hits and heat of earning a living in a badly dented economy.

Without adding a strand of value to you bankers patiently wait for your hard earned money, sitting in high-rise air conditioned skyscrapers in the highbrow areas of Lagos—the Island.

But there you are in the trenches of reality, fighting for survival.

At the end of every working day you return to give the bank your money to “Keep”.

How I wish they “Keep” it.

While you wake up the next day to earn your living (and deposit it to the bank), your previous day’s money is already busy working hard for the bank.

It’s not all gloom and doom. There’re great opportunities amidst this mess. Sit tight, I’ll show you.

First let’s take a bird’s view on…

The Economy You Live In…

The Nigerian Naira is running at an all-time low of over 300 Naira to 1 US Dollar. The oil market is on the decline. Nigeria depends on crude oil to survive—70% for our income comes from it.

This “price dip” is simply a fancy way of saying that 70% of our livelihood is gone! A threat to our very existence.

But hey, here’s the opportunity!

The Foreign Exchange market has never been as lucrative for your bank as it is today. And you too can benefit just like the banks—yes, you!

For many people this dip in price spells doom.

But for the bank it’s glee.

For your friend Alfred, who owns a shop at a popular Nigerian neighborhood, the raise of the Dollar is NOT good news…

…Unless He’s ACTUALLY Reading This with You

The falling value of the Nigerian Naira (and the raising value of the US Dollar) is an incredibly profitable thing for you.

If you know where to look.

While most people are busy blaming Buhari, the NLC, and the CBN governor, you can be making some cool profit. Profit without leaving the comfort of your home.

All you need is your dirty, dejected, and probably ONLY ₦1000 (1 thousand Naira) note.

You might be wondering: How.

Here’s it…

If you join the Guaranteed Future Program (GFP) for just ₦1000 (or more, if you can afford more), you can build enough money to retire from work in 10 years (or less)—regardless of your age.

Why this Is So Exciting…

Wait a minute or two… before I go into the details of this program. Here's why I'm so excited about this program:

  1. It’s CHEAP to Start: You can start with as LOW as ₦1,000 naira… or as much as you can afford. NOW

  2. Cash Out Any Time: You can cash out your profit (and even your capital) ANY TIME.

  3. ZERO Stress: You DO NOT have to sell anything or introduce anyone. This is NOT network marketing.

  4. BETTER than the Bank: It’s BETTER than leaving your money in the bank.

  5. Safest Way to Build Your Retirement Money: Since you can also make a one-time deposit and allow your money grow over the years, this opportunity is great for building a solid retirement income.

  6. It’s FLEXIBLE and You Can Own Multiple Accounts: You can own multiple accounts. So you can keep an account to earn monthly and then keep another for the long term

  7. Your money works for you—you don’t have to do anything else

  8. A sure way to retire EARLY and do other things you love with your money and time.

  9. Raise capital for your business: This is a guaranteed way to raise capital for your business, or to grow your business without stress.

  10. EXTRA income: This is a nice way to earn extra income for your family and yourself, to increase your household income.

  11. Money for Projects: If you’d want to engage in any project in the future, like…

               - Build/Buy your own house, or
               - Buy your own car, or
               - Get married or
               - Travel abroad, or
               - Academic Projects, etc...

…then this is an awesome way to raise that capital, WITHOUT having to put away money from your already stressed income.

If you deposit ₦1,000 by the end of 12 calendar months, you’ll earn ₦2,600. That’s a FANTASTIC 160% return on your ₦1,000. Now…

No bank does that.

And then it gets even better…

You can earn higher than ₦2,600 a year… you can build this up over some years to happily build cash flow of over 1 million naira. You can get this done in 3 ways…

  1. By investing more capital: If this is something you’re considering you can have it in either of 2 ways…

    a. Long term plan (takes some years), or
    b. Short term income. Which is monthly cash…

  2. By exercising patience: This is a matter of time… you can use time to your advantage, even if all you have is ₦1000.

  3. A combination of 1 and 2. Deposit more money and exercise more patience: Simply increase your money from ₦1000, may be up to ₦10,000 or more. And give it some time to grow.

You Own Your Money and Control Your Earnings

You DO NOT have to wait years to make profits. You can profit MONTHLY… and you can start withdrawing some money as soon as NEXT month!

Withdraw your money, both profit and capital anytime—effortlessly. Just let us know.

Profits is at 6% monthly. So if you put in ₦10,000 this month and want to withdraw EVERYTHING—profit and capital—next month, that’s fine. You’ll get ₦10,600 next month without sweat or tears!

You can even treat this as a monthly income. Put in some money and earn monthly from that capital.

Here’s a breakdown of what your capital will do monthly, if you choose the monthly plan… (REMEMBER, you can also withdraw your capital ANY TIME)

Short Term Plan (Monthly)

There’s NO restriction on how much you can put into this… the minimum is ₦1,000 though. So if you love to play with numbers here’s a simple calculator to help you see what’s possible for you using the monthly plan…

How to use the calculator

a.    In the box following P, enter your capital, for example 1,000
b.    R% is the percentage which is 6
c.    In the T (in years) enter 1
d.    Click “Submit”

And you’ll have your NET profit showing you how much you’ll earn monthly on your capital

Long term plan (Years)

Using compound interest, here’s what you stand to gain—in terms of money and time.

This is a graph showing you how your capital will grow in a period of 10 years, assuming you are using ₦1,000… This graph represents your earnings’ growth no matter your capital’s strength though. Yes, the actual figures will be different, but you’ll get the same graph…

Instead of leaving your money to languish in the bank, without any interest rates, this is an opportunity to earn money on YOUR MONEY. As may know already, that the bank makes money off your money and you make NOTHING. But you make profits from this opportunity without lifting a finger—your money works for you.

If you love to play with numbers, here’s a calculator to help you see what’s actually possible for you…

Here’s how to use the calculator:

  1. In the principal box enter the amount you want to deposit

  2. Enter 101 in the interest rate box

  3. Choose “Compound” in the dropdown menu of Interest Type

  4. Choose “Month” in the dropdown menu of Interest Frequency

  5. Enter the total number of months you want see your earns for… for 1 year enter “12”, for 2 years “24”, for 5 years “60”, for 10 years “120”.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. The figure that appears is the PROFIT you’ll get AFTER your capital has been deducted already

If you have any challenges using this calculator (or want to ask any more questions) simply reach me here:

Mobile/WhatsApp: +234 816 777 9197 (this is the fastest and easiest way I may be reached)

Or leave a message for me on Skype (nicholasgodwin),

Or email (click here), if you’re OK with getting your response within 24 hours but not necessarily immediately.

Get Your Filthy ₦1,000 Working for You

Following these steps…

  1. Fill the form (below)
  2. Deposit your capital
  3. Earn 6% monthly profit (if converted to per annum you’ll get 101% profit), on your capital… for the period of time you want. Monthly, OR go with the long term plan… 1, 5 or 10 years.

That’s it.

NOTHING hard at all.

Start. Fill this form…

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