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Part-Time Jobs from Home: 31 Lucrative, FREE and Overlooked Fast Income Channels Online

Our discussion drifted to part-time jobs from home. Over Skype chat, I asked my Lithuanian friend who's lived in Greece for 2 years why she’s considering getting jobs online. She said…

“The whole feast and famine dynamic and chasing clients is tiring”

She’s not alone!

You probably can relate with the frustration yourself.

Whatever your occupation—an independent professional, a student, a 9 to 5 worker, a freelancer, even as a business person, one thing is common, money comes and goes. When it goes, you don't want to go broke.

Being out of money between earning periods is stressful, to say the least.

That’s what Extra Income solves for you.

Once you join the community here (which by the way is free), I’ll send you a FREE Catalog that shows you 31 Lucrative, FREE and Overlooked Fast Income Channels Online. These places give you instant access to jobs…

In this free resource you’ll discover…

  1. The 31 places online, with their addresses, phone numbers and application access

  2. 6 online job categories that earns you cash (NOT marketing and NOT anything you have been told elsewhere)

  3. You can start instantly WITHOUT building, owning or managing a website

  4. You don’t need a new skill. What you know is ENOUGH

  5. Daily opportunities, available to members only

  6. Gain Priority access to Extra Income BEFORE it’s launched

  7. Value Overload: I'm always looking for newer and better ways of adding better and bigger value to the Tribe here. So expect more members-only value over time... starting now.

You can get your copy of the 31 Lucrative, FREE and Overlooked Fast Income Channels Online HERE.

My Experience with Part-time Jobs from Home

Like anything else you start on a regular Tuesday afternoon, I just started working on my first set of part-time jobs from home—no biggie.

I was only trying to get money to pay electricity bills, phone bills, internet charges, buy my friends beer (I don’t take alcohol), play football manager online, fix faulty gadgets and run other important (but mostly petty) errands… Nothing greedy.

But no money. And you know how that sucks.

I call times like this “downtime”.

Or DT for short.

Like "I'm in DT bro, call me later"

DT is when clients don’t have writing or web development jobs for me (I'm a freelance webmaster). Nearly 7 out of every 10 freelancers love their job... I love what I do. This had nothing to do with being in a bad job.

Simply put, DT is having more months at the end of my money, than money at the end of the month.

You’d probably relate if you’ve been there.

But hey, get the picture.

I wasn’t exactly your regular kind of broke guy.

I regularly got paid $200 USD for articles I wrote sitting stark-naked on my bed (I enjoy writing nude). And I’ve earned $1000 from a 35 minute consultation with a client. These aren’t my highest figures. And they aren’t my lowest either.

Get it—I’m not bragging—just letting you know that earning money online wasn’t exactly a biggie for me. What led me to seeking for part-time jobs from home was… well, you guessed it—that devilish DT…

I’d desperately want an extra $100, even $50. Heck, a dirty and dejected $20 would help at times like this—but I got NONE!

Whether by frustration or inspiration, I don't know, but I found myself digging for jobs online. I used resources I could find anywhere—especially from world renowned writer, Bamidele Onibalusi (who’d eventually become my friend). I looked through every piece of credible material I could lay my eyes on for QUICK income…

Yay! I found ONE.

And 1 was enough.

ProBlogger’s job board did the magic. I quickly grabbed the job, finished it in no time and submitted. The pleased client gladly paid me the much needed $600 USD… And then it happened.

The epiphany!

It dawned on me… I could do this forever.

My appetite for FAST and legit money grew like wild potatoes.

Yes, that First $600 USD…

…was my aha moment

I spent months digging for, testing, asking questions and experimenting with FAST income generating part-time jobs from home. Whatever income sources I discovered and tested as credible, I recommended to friends.

I used these opportunities myself if they matched my interests or aligned to my skills.

My friends became my guinea pigs.

I loved testing my discoveries on my friends because they’re your average guy. Not techie (although they like to think of themselves as techie, mainly because they own iPhones). These dudes held 9 to 5 jobs and are too busy to start figuring out what the heck SEO meant.

I tested the good, bad and bogus on my friends. Thank goodness they were kindhearted and forgiving. Quality feedback from them helped me refine what I should be looking for.

And honestly, for the most part I discovered loads of BS and all kinds of scam shit—that’s where my experience came to the rescue. As a skilled webmaster I’d worked online well and long enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

How my friends must have felt...

I kept digging. Until the gold nuggets emerged.

After over 7 months, or so, of reviewing and researching through countless websites and resources, I managed to come up with over 300 (and potentially 500+) places that pay you instantly (or near instantly) to do part-time jobs from home.

And you do NOT need to pay a dime to work in most of these places.

Wait, here’s the more exciting part…

…You don’t have to do anything you aren’t already excited about.

For someone like me who’d regularly be lost in Wikipedia or be googling up shit that no one in his right mind cared about—except they’re sapiosexual slots like me. Slots whose lust for sophia would lead them down to caressing the cleavages of every open book.

Of course I didn’t know googling stuff up or reading on random topics from Wikipedia (or crunching demographic stats for fun) made money. I just enjoyed those things. It was all for fun.

Until I got paid.

So Now, Why the Story?

Well, I think that’s obvious by now.

I got paid.

Paid to do part-time jobs from home which required nothing but my side hobby of playing on Google’s search engine and on, plus my heavy dose if Wikipedia reading.

Look, I can help you earn money online FAST—in days NOT months. I have done it (for myself). I’ve helped friends do it.

I can help you.

Here’s what I mean; just to be crystal-clear:

  1. You’ll earn money online FAST—in days NOT months.

  2. NO need for you to build any website. At least until you’ve earned enough to decide whether you like to own 1 or not.

  3. These jobs are FREE and require no investment. You don’t need to pay any money to employers or middlemen or whatever.

  4. It’s something you can do even if you have only a few hours a week (2 to 4 hours a week will do). More hours earns you more money though.

  5. These jobs pay up to, or MORE than, the US minimum wage—some even pay significantly higher. So if you live in a developing country this will be absolutely fantastic.

  6. I’m going to be freaking valuable to you. I’ll provide you with tools and resource materials, worksheets, checklists, detailed guides and tutorials to make this a breeze.

  7. And MOST importantly you’ll have a CONSTANTLY updated list of places that pay you to work online.

  8. Access to insider-only strategies and tactics to help you earn MORE money than you’d averagely be earning from these places.

Image Source

All these and MORE will only be available to you if you’re choosing to join Extra Cash… a microcosm of friends who do part-time jobs from home using my help. If you’d like to know more about Extra Cash, please let me know.

The Joys of Part-Time Jobs from Home?

I’m sedentary. My work requires very little physical motion, just cerebral movements.

Traveling is awesome, but I don’t have a girlfriend... yet. Else I’d travel more. But yes, the online jobs here can earn you good enough money to take trips, without denting your cash reserves.

So here’s what’s possible, in my honest estimation:

Image source

  1. Travel (more) without getting indebted: If you love traveling but don’t know how to go about it, just let me know… I can help.

  2. Play Station 4! OMGeezzz! Buy one. Buy one. Make sure you buy one: This alone is good enough reason to do part-time jobs from home... plus you have plenty of time to fondle this sexy animal.

  3. Treat someone special to some special experience (or buy her a ride... seriously this is actually doable)

  4. Buy yourself a car (or save up for a Ducati)

  5. Start a business, or start working on that your idea—now that you finally have the money. Duh!

  6. Change your PC to a MacBook

  7. Buy an iPhone (and ditch the old phone)

  8. Ask the girl out, in the NEW shoes you just bought with the money

  9. Rent (or buy) and move into your own apartment (and move out of your parent’s)

  10. Have a credible reason to brag. Hey, you make money online (most of your friends probably don’t)

  11. Fill in the gap (anything you want)______________________________

Extra Cash is my way of helping my friends… and anyone else who cares for, well, some extra cash.

What the Heck is Extra Cash?

Let’s start from the obvious: everyone wants Extra Cash.

We all do.

The challenge is getting it.

Getting extra cash is so much of a big deal that it trends on Twitter pretty often. So I decided to turn the table around. Instead of having you talking about “Extra Cash” without actually earning it, I’m offering you EXTRA CASH.

Extra Cash...

  • Is a special portal you access with your own unique password

  • Contains my action guide for using these platforms to earn extra cash

  • Has checklists, workbooks, guides and all that you need to make it work i.e. earn money online FAST in days. Yes, DAYS not months

  • And, without building or managing a website/blog.

  • Helps you design your own unique plan so that you don't slave away while other parts of your life (your family, work, school, personal time) suffers.

  • The key goal of this resource is to help you keep being liquid with cash, even when your business, job, or career isn't turning in cash yet. This way you can keep building your dream WITHOUT running out of money... whatever that dream is. So this isn't an end in itself, it's a means to an end... albeit a very important one.

    I see Extra Cash as "Dream Helper".

Yea, that’s it. You can start getting some Extra Cash doing part-time jobs from home.

Now let’s cut to the chase.

Extra Cash is being prepared, it's almost ready. While it cooks, I’m offering you a FREE catalog of 31 Places that Pay You to do Part-time Jobs from Home (1 place for every day of the month).

By taking the FREE catalog I’m offering you, you instantly qualify to join me and my warmhearted friends in Extra Cash, as soon as it’s launched.

What email should I send your FREE catalog to? Please enter your email below. Start enjoying part-time jobs from home.

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